LED Grow Light Tent Kit

LED Grow Light + 2’x4′ Grow Tent + Inline Fan Combo with Speed Controller, LED Grow Light + 2’x2′ Grow Tent + Inline Fan Combo with Speed Controller, Ventilation Kit 6 Inch 350 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller, Carbon Filter 32 Feet Ducting Combo Set Ventilation System for Grow Tents Hydroponics


  • 【PROGRAMMABLE INLINE FAN】Mixed flow design combined with a EC motor ensure truly energy efficient, with only 40 watts of power but gives a strong airflow up to 205 CFM, very low noise level, only produces 28DB, this 4” exhaust fan is silent. Lightweight ABS blades reduce the airflow resistance, add airflow by 40%. The smart controller has multiple modes for operation, 10 speeds, easy to program and controls the humidity and temperature automatically.
  • 【HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBON FILTER】Constructed of heavy duty metal filter housing and stainless steel flanges for longevity; use RC412 activated carbon for supreme air control and purification, carbon layer with a thickness of 38mm for greater absorption; comes with a pre-filter which helpful to captures large particles and prolongs the life of the filter.
  • 【FLEXIBLE DUCT】Ducting is made of high-quality aluminum and PVC, double layer design; built in steel wire to ensure durable performance; fully extended length: 33FT; Passed GB8624B1 combustion test, safe to use. Adjustable clamps are made of stainless steel , sturdy and solid, longer life rating.
  • 【COMPLETE VENTILATION SYSTEM】It is a complete set to provide good air circulation in your space, very easy to install ; you can set it up in several ways to fit your needs, save money with a fan & filter combo kit that all works great together, stop buying parts separately that may not fit together.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】This 4 inch Ventilation Kit has a wide variety of application, you can use it at grow tents, grow rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, greenhouses and more. 


• Indoor growing house

Product Features

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