LED Sprot Lighting

TUBU’s LED Flood Light is the environmentally preferred alternative to traditional metal halide outdoor flood lights. It is the maintenance-free and cost-effective solution to be widely used in illuminating facades, landscapes, parking areas, and apartment complexes.


Tech Specs
Model No                     TBHMG3-300W          TBHMG3-600W         TBHMG3-900W           TBHMG3-1200W             TBHMG3-1800W
Input Power                           300W                            600W                          900W                                 1200W                                   1800W
CCT                                                                                                         3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
CRI                                                                                                                         >70
Power Factory                                                                                                     >0.9
IP Grade                                                                                                               IP66
Input Voltage                                                                                                200-277VAC
Luminous                                                                                                      150-160lm/W
Beam Angle                                                                            P50/P50-P8/10°/20°/40°/60°/90°/30*70°
Working Temp                                                                                             -40˚C- +50˚ C
Warranty                                                                                                             5 Years
Lifespan                                                                                                             50,000H


• High performance lighting ideal for sports fields and stadiums, each module can be adjustable with the marking scale to adjust the angle accurately, which help achieve the perfect uniformity illumination.

• Finned radiator, the main lightweight design, reducing the load bearing pressure of the pole.

• Standard with 316 stainless steel bracket, strong hardness, never corroded.

• All power and module wiring are fast male and female connectors for easy follow-up maintenance.

• Designed to fulfil the Future Proof concept. The photometric engine is IP 66 sealed to protect the LEDs and lenses from coming into contact with the outside environment and so maintain photometric performance over time.

• Each module angle can be rotated freely.

• 1060 Aluminum, thickness 0.5mm, the heat dissipation area is lager, and the heat dissipation effect is better, it’s with Lighter weight, which is 1/3 of weight of die-casting, proximate matter and cold forging.

• Flexible optical system optimising lighting distributions for best in class results. P50/P50-P8/10°/20°/40°/60°/90°/30*70° for option.

• The surge protection can reach 10KV/20KV.

• 100,000 times switching cycle before failure.

• Total harmonic distortion (THD)<15%.


• National Stadium

• Outdoor Playground

• Indoor Stadium

• Golf Course

• Football Field

• Logistics Port

• Cultural Square

• Refinery Area

• Mine Square

LED High Mast Flood Lights

240W~1800W Adjustable Modular Design, 150~160lm/W

 Meanwell driver, High PF>0.9 low THD driver, Flicker free

Light Weight Design, Perfect For Sports Lighting

10° / 20° / 40° / 60° / 90° / 30*70° / P50 / P50-P8 Multi beam angle for option

Adjustable Modular Design

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