Warehouse Lighting

Timely lighting

The warehouse is not only used for the safe storage of valuable goods, but also for the convenience of accessing goods. The intelligent warehouse lighting control system introduced by TUBU professional lighting system solution turns on the luminaire according to the specific time and place requirements, achieving energy saving and reducing operating costs.

Timely lighting

High shelf storage

High-bay warehouses must maximize storage space utilization to minimize storage costs. The aisles are usually narrow and long, and it is difficult to cover the area with illumination. To avoid shadow areas and ensure safe driving of trucks and clear visibility of various shelves, goods and labels, the lighting system must have uniform illumination and high vertical illumination. The TUBU LED linear warehouse lighting system guarantees excellent light accessibility, clear readability and good glare-free visibility. Intelligent light management with mobile sensors.

Logistics area

Lighting flexibility in multi-functional areas For lighting designers, indoor or outdoor multi-purpose storage and logistics in the logistics area can be a tricky job. Shelves and other storage facilities may be rearranged or replaced frequently, and the transition zone between indoor and outdoor areas may be dangerous. Daylight can change artificial light requirements at irregular intervals, as conditions permit. TUBU’s motion detector control system features multi-directional, strong adaptability, dynamic control, etc., providing an efficient and efficient solution for a variety of applications.

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