High-Intensity LED Marine Searchlight


  • Protection class: IP66
  • Power: 240W / 300W available
  • Luminous flux: ≥1000Lm
  • Irradiation distance: ≥2000M (1LUX), optional 1lux@3000m, 1ux@5000m, 1lux@8000m
  • Beam angle: 3.5° / 2.5°
  • Slip-rings provide continuous 360° horizontal rotation with no stop points
  • Auto-return to home position
  • Auto-scan with user programmability
  • Advanced proportional-speed control
  • Approved for temperatures down to -35°C and up to +55°C
  • Materials: marine grade aluminum and stainless steel with salt-resistant powder coat finish
  • Lower power consumption: LED’s consume 75% or more less power than Halogen lamps
  • Longer life: LED’s last tens-of-thousands of hours compared to approximately 250 to 750 hours
    depending upon the Halogen lamp. This reduces lamp replacement costs, increases reliability


The High-Intensity LED Marine Searchlight produced by TUBU is widely used in national defense, ocean, military, maritime affairs, water conservancy, (reservoirs, hydrological stations), scientific research oil fields, docks, ships, large surface ships, maritime search and rescue and other fields.

300W searchlight, the irradiation distance is up to 2000 meters (1LUX). The beam is intense and powerful enough to dazzle people and ward off pirate attacks. Allows ships to search and detect incoming threats such as piracy.

The early primary use of searchlights was in combination with shipboard radar, enabling ships to detect potential threats early on. When going into a panic, give the crew a few extra minutes to call for help and assistance.

Almost 3 times more powerful than halogen searchlights, the TUBU marine searchlight provides a faster, wider, and longer field of view to assist search and rescue operations in locating trapped persons. Longer range than halogen searchlights. The 1lux light intensity of the TUBU marine searchlight can cover a distance of more than 2,500 meters, and the energy consumption is 60%~80% lower than that of similar searchlights.

Tech Specs

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Single Unit LED Marine Searchlight
High-Intensity LED Marine Searchlight
Single Unit LED Marine Searchlight
High-Intensity LED Marine Searchlight with Adjustable Base






Input Voltage

AC100 ~ 277V (50/60Hz)

Beam Distance

≥1000m (1LUX)

≥1000m (1LUX)

≥2000m (1LUX)
≥2000m (1LUX)

Light Source












Working Temperature


Color Temperature


Beam Angle




>30,000 hours

IP Rating


Housing Material

1070 Pure aluminum cold forging, with salt-resistant, scratch-resistant white powder coat finish

Adjustable Speed

Horizontal: 0.1°~25°/S, vertical 0.1°~15°/S

Adjustable Angle

Horizontal: 0~180°or 0~360°, vertical +30°~-30°, or customizable

Preset Position


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Communication Protocol

Pelco-D, Pelco-P for option

Communication Baud Bate

2400 / 4800 / 9600 / 9200 bps for option

Communication Interface

RS485 / RS422

IP66 Protection
LED Marine Searchlight

The protection level reaches IP66, which is highly dustproof and waterproof, ensuring its durability and performance in various environments.

Excellent Beam
Intensity And Beam Angle

TUBU's LED Searchlight outperforms xenon and halogen searchlights with their remarkable features, providing more concentrated and reliable lighting. The narrow beam angle of 2.5°/3.5° ensures precise illumination of the target area.

High Heat And Cold Resistance

With a temperature range of -35℃ to +55℃, this searchlight can withstand extreme weather conditions. Adopt pure aluminum cold forging technology, equipped with an antifreeze heater and a constant temperature control heater to prevent freezing in cold places. (electric base system only)

Color Temperature 6000K

The LED Marine Searchlight has a color temperature of 6500K, which can provide bright and clear white light, enhance visibility, and ensure accurate perception of the surrounding environment.

Angle-Adjustable Base

Optionally equipped with an angle-adjustable base. It allows horizontal adjustment from 0° to 360°, and the vertical angle can also be adjusted between +30° and -30° (factory adjustable). Ensure optimal lighting orientation.

High Light Intensity
& Long-Range Coverage

With almost three times the light intensity of TUBU's High-Intensity LED Marine Searchlight compared to traditional halogen searchlights, TUBU's High-Intensity LED Marine Searchlight provides faster, wider, and farther coverage. At the same time, it saves 60% to 80% of energy. With a light intensity of 1lux, it can cover a range of more than 2500 meters.



Dacromet Technology
-Corrosion Resistance

Adopting Dacromet technology, it is heat-resistant, conductive, and salt-spray resistant. It has been extensively tested and proven to withstand over 1200 hours of corrosion in a salt spray test.


High-Intensity LED Search Light Application
LED Search Light Ship Lighting-11

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