High Power LED Search Light


  • Protection class: IP66
  • Power: 600W
  • Irradiation distance: ≥400M (1LUX)
  • Beam angle: 15°
  • Materials: marine grade aluminum and stainless steel with salt-resistant powder coat finish
  • Lower power consumption: LED’s consume 75% or more less power than Halogen lamps
  • Longer life: LED’s last tens-of-thousands of hours compared to approximately 250 to 750 hours 
  • Auto-return to home position
  • Auto-scan with user programmability
  • Slip-rings provide continuous 360° horizontal rotation with no stop points
  • Approved for temperatures down to -35°C and up to +55°C
  • Advanced proportional-speed control


Unleash a towering 400-meter beam of light that pierces through the darkest nights with the TUBU High Power LED Search Light. This powerful illuminator boasts a focused 15° beam angle, making it ideal for search and rescue operations, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a beacon of clarity.

Powered by a robust 600-watt LED, this best search light delivers an unrivaled 1LUX illumination at a distance of 400 meters, ensuring you have a clear view of even the most distant objects.

Crafted from durable 1070 pure aluminum cold forging, this search up LED lights is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its salt-resistant, scratch-resistant white powder coat finish safeguards it from the elements, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Experience the longevity of LED technology, with a lifespan that extends tens of thousands of hours, far surpassing the 250 to 750 hours of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Whether you're navigating treacherous terrains, conducting search and rescue missions, or simply exploring the great outdoors, the TUBU High Power LED Search Light is your unwavering companion, illuminating your path with unparalleled clarity and dependability.

Tech Specs

Product Code


Light Information

Light Source


Power Consumption


Color Temperature


Input Voltage

AC100~277 V 50/60HZ

Working Temperature


IP Rating



>30,000 hours

Beam Angle


Beam Distance

≥400m (1LUX)

Housing Material

1070 Pure aluminum cold forging, with Salt-resistant, Scratch-resistant White Powder Coat Finish




Lux Level

Facula: 2.5m, 5.0m, 12.5m, 25m, 50m, 100m.
ILLuminance: 1600, 400, 64, 16, 4, 1.
Distance: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400.

Cloud Platform (Optional)

Adjustable Speed

Horizontal:0.1°~ 9°/S; vertical 0.1 ~6°/S;

Adjustable Angle

Horizontal: 0~180°or 0~360°; vertical +30°~-30°; or custeomizable

Preset Position

200 pcs

Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Communication Protocol

Pelco-D, Pelco-P for option

Communication Baud Bate

2400/4800/9600/19200 bps for option

Communication Interface

RS485/ RS422

LED Searchlight IP66 Waterproof Grade

Built tough for outdoor use, this searchlight boasts an IP66 waterproof rating. This means it's completely dustproof and can withstand powerful water jets from any direction.

600W High Power/6000K Color Temperature

The power of this powerful 600-watt LED provides excellent brightness. With a color temperature of 6000K, this light emits a cool, daylight-like white. 

Longer Life >30,000 hours

Say goodbye to frequent bulb replacements! This LED searchlight boasts a remarkable lifespan of over 30,000 hours. That's years of reliable illumination without needing to worry about bulb replacements.

Beam Angle 15° Beam Distance ≥400m (1LUX)

This searchlight delivers a tightly focused 15-degree beam. Slice through the night with a powerful beam that reaches at least 400 meters strong.

360° Dead Angle Rotation

Adopt slip ring design, can realize continuous 360° horizontal rotation, no dead angle lighting, to meet the lighting needs of different angles.

1070 Pure Aluminum Cold Forging Housing Material

This searchlight is built to last. The housing is crafted from durable 1070 pure aluminum cold forging, making it resistant to dents and corrosion. It's further protected by a salt-resistant and scratch-resistant white powder coat finish, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

LED Searchlights with Double Head Design

The dual-head design of the High Power LED Searchlight significantly improves the range of illumination, lighting effect and flexibility of use, making it more suitable for a variety of occasions where large, even and flexible illumination is required.

LED Search Light Size

Searchlight Size

Best Remote Search Light

A remote control led searchlight is a type of searchlight that can be controlled remotely using wireless controller. They are commonly used in various applications, including boating, camping, law enforcement, and search and rescue operations. Remote control searchlights offer several advantages over traditional searchlights.

LED Marine Searchlight

LED marine searchlight is a kind of searchlight using LED light as a light source, mainly used in ships.LED marine searchlight is widely used in all kinds of ships, including merchant ships, fishing boats, yachts, workboats, etc. LED marine searchlight is a kind of searchlight that uses LED light as a light source, mainly used in ships.

Marine Search Light

Boat search light is a searchlight installed on a ship to illuminate objects in front of or around it. Marine remote control searchlights are widely used on various ships, including merchant ships, fishing boats, yachts, workboats, etc....

Army Search Light Torch

Army search light torch is a kind of searchlight used for military purposes. Army search light torch is widely used in various military operations, including reconnaissance, search, irradiation, signal.


High power LED searchlights are used in national defense, marine, military, water conservancy, expeditionary oil fields, docks, large surface ships, maritime search and rescue, and other fields.

High-Intensity LED Search Light Application
LED Search Light Ship Lighting-11

What Is the Wholesale Price of LED Search Light in China?

The wholesale search light price in China depends on many factors, such as brand, power, material, waterproof grade, function and other factors. The search light price of different models and specifications varies greatly. The LED search light price of well-known brands is usually higher than that of ordinary brands. The higher the power of LED search light, the higher the price. The price of LED search light made of aluminum alloy is usually higher than that of plastic. The higher the waterproof grade of LED search lights, the higher the price. The more functions and the more complex the LED search light price, the higher the price.

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