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China Quantum Board LED Grow Light Wholesale Price


May 11, 2024

China is one of the major producing countries of Quantum Plate LED Grow Lights with many manufacturers and suppliers. This makes the wholesale price of quantum plate LED grow lights in China competitive. Quantum plate LED grow lights are a new and efficient indoor grow lighting system that has become one of the most popular choices among growers in recent years.

Quantum Board LED Grow Light Wholesale Marketplaces

Search on Alibaba.com or Made-in-China.com using keywords like "China Quantum Board LED Grow Light Wholesale" or "Quantum Board Grow Light Manufacturer." These platforms connect buyers with wholesale suppliers in China. You can browse product listings and contact suppliers directly to request quotes.

Quantum Board LED Grow Light Supplier Websites

Many Chinese manufacturers have their own websites. Search for "Quantum Board LED Grow Light Manufacturer China" and explore company websites. Look for a "Contact Us" or "Request a Quote" section to inquire about bulk purchase pricing.

LED Grow Light Price Ranges (estimates)

TUBU Board LED Grow Light Wholesale

They depend on the number of plant lights, specifications, different suppliers and other factors. Wholesale pricing typically offers significant discounts compared to retail prices. The larger the quantity you order, the lower the price per unit. Factors like wattage, spectrum (full spectrum vs. specific wavelengths) and additional features (dimming, waterproofing) will influence the price. Different manufacturers have varying pricing strategies.

Rough estimate of wholesale prices (USD) based on product listings on Alibaba.com

Small Quantum Board Lights (20W-100W): $25 - $150 per piece

Medium Quantum Board Lights (200W-400W): $200 - $450 per piece

Large Quantum Board Lights (600W-1000W): $400 - $700 per piece

LED Grow Light Important Considerations

What are the most important factors to consider for LED Plant Grow Lights, most notably minimum order quantity, payment terms, customs and tariffs, sample orders, and so on.

Many wholesalers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) you need to meet to qualify for wholesale pricing. Negotiate payment terms like payment methods and potential deposits with the supplier. Be aware of any customs fees or import duties that may apply when importing goods from China. Consider requesting a sample of the grow light before placing a large order.

LED Grow Light Additional Tips

When buying plant lights wholesale, you need to compare the prices of different suppliers, check the review section of the supplier and check if the payment method is secure. Get quotes from multiple suppliers to compare pricing and find the best deal. Look for reviews from other customers to get insights into the quality and reliability of the supplier. Use secure payment methods when dealing with overseas suppliers.

By following these tips and using the recommended keywords, you should be able to find reputable Chinese suppliers offering high-quality Quantum Board LED Grow Lights at competitive wholesale prices.

Complete set of plant lights
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