Quantum Panel LED Grow Light


  • Added deep Red and IR.
  • High-efficiency full spectrum LED grow light.
  • ave 50% on electricity costs when compared to HPS.
  • Waterproof-ip65, safer for indoor growing.
  • Dimmable Lightmyleaf brand driver, with 20%~100% easy dimming knob to turn on/off the light.
  • Long lifespan up to L70>54,000 hours according to the calculation of the LEDs LM80 testing report.
  • Less adjustable hanging kits are included.
  • Dimming power supply included.
  • Customized bulk orders on request.

Product Description

Quantum Panel LED Grow Light is an efficient, energy-saving LED grow light that can be used in a variety of indoor growing applications. It uses the latest LED technology to provide even, consistent light to promote plant growth. TUBU's Quantum Panel LED Grow Light provides full-spectrum lighting that ensures your plants have everything they need at every stage of growth, mimicking natural sunlight. And with high-quality LED chips and reliable drivers that last up to 100,000 hours, durability and longevity are ensured.

Panel LED Grow Light Aadvantages

The Quantum Panel LED Grow Light integrates the latest in high-yield LED technology, 2835 diodes, for both cost savings and higher quality yields. These lights achieve an impressive (LED) energy efficiency of 2.8 umol/s/W with improved light transmission. Also designed with a dimmable LED driver on the back. 20-100% dimmability allows for precise control and care of different plants at every stage of growth, allowing for more scientific cultivation methods.

Product Video

Tech Specs

Product Code






Efficiency PPF


PPF Output



Power Input

100-240 VAC, 277VAC, 50-60Hz




White + Red



LED Brand


Beam Angle


Operation Temp


Storage Temp


Life Span

Ta 40℃ L70>54000Hours

IP Class




Lamp Body Color

Black Aluminium

Product Size ( mm )



Packing Size ( mm )



Quantity / Carton



Gross Weight ( kg ) ± 0.3



Installation mode

Suspension Mount

120° Wide Beam Angle Panel Light

Output power options of 120W and 240W with a beam angle of 120° provide optimal plant growth spectrum and coverage.

High-performance LED chips

The LM301B chip provides a balanced light spectrum, ideal for promoting healthy plant growth. This ensures your plants receive the optimum light for photosynthesis and development.

Excellent full spectrum

Provide a full range of spectral lighting to meet the different needs of different plants throughout the growth cycle, and Added deep Red and IR to stimulate growth.

Dimmable LED Drivers

A Lightmyleaf brand LED dimmer installed on the back ensures optimum care for the plants at every growth stage.

Flexible Dimming Options

Adjustable to 0%/20%/40%/60%/80%/100% by the dimming rotary button

240W Quantum Panel
grow light
planting tent test

Elevating the drive away
from the heatsink enhances airflow
and dissipates heat faster.

Dimming Daisy Chain Switch Function

Up to 50 LED lights can be connected in series

Installation mode

Quantum Panel LED Grow Light Installation mode

Panel LED Grow Light Applications

LED Grow Lights are an essential tool for modern growing techniques. They offer the advantages of high efficiency, energy savings and uniformity and can be used in a variety of indoor growing applications. Can be used in a variety of indoor growing applications, including Grow vegetables, fruits and flowers, Growing indoor plants, Growing Medicinal Plants, Growing microorganisms.

VEGETABLES, FRUITS & FLOWERS: Panel LED Grow Lights can be used to grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers. They provide a full spectrum of light that meets all the light needs for plant growth.

INDOOR PLANTS: Quantum Panel LED Grow Lights can also be used to grow indoor plants. They provide ample light for indoor plants to grow and bloom.

MEDICINAL PLANTS: Panel LED Grow Lights can also be used to grow medicinal plants. They provide ideal light conditions for medicinal plants, promoting their growth and efficacy.

MICROORGANISMS: Quantum Panel LED Grow Lights can also be used to grow microorganisms. They provide microorganisms with the light conditions they need to grow and reproduce.


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Panel LED Grow Light More Related Information

LED Lamp Spectrum

The spectrum of an LED lamp typically consists of a peak at its dominant wavelength, with varying degrees of intensity at other wavelengths.Quantum Panel LED Grow Light provides full spectrum light, including red, blue and white light. These spectral components are essential for plant growth, promoting chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, and flowering.

Panel LED Grow Light Power

Panel LED Grow Light offers a variety of power outputs to meet different growing needs. TUBU 120W/240 W Samsung lm301B Quantum Board Full Spectrum LED Grow Light provides the necessary power without consuming too much energy. They are suitable for 3′ x 4′ areas during the vegetable growing season and 3′ x 3′ areas during the flowering season.

Panel LED Grow Light Size

Panel LED Grow Light is available in a variety of sizes to suit growing spaces of different sizes.

Panel LED Grow Light Price

Panel LED Grow Light prices vary based on size, power, and other factors.

Panel LED Grow Light Warranty

TUBU Quantum Panel LED grow lights typically come with a three-year warranty.

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