Octopus LED Grow Light Bar


  • Customization available
  • Removable and foldable PPE 2.8umol/J vertical farming LED grow light
  • Driver & dimmer integrated design, plug & play, easy to use
  • Super compact design, save 50% shipping cost
  • Wide range watts, 680W, 800W available
  • IP65 waterproof rated, suitable for damp location
  • Group control, knob dimmer and RJ14 port available
  • 3 years warranty

Product Description

LED grow light bar providing a maximum coverage area of 6 x 6 feet, TUBU commercial grow lights features eight light bars, grow LED bar compact and slim design hangs easily in various planting areas. This Octopus LED Grow Light Bar is designed and manufactured by TUBU. It offers the option to choose between flowering or vegetative growth-optimized lights to suit your specific needs. Additionally, it includes optional plug types for 100-277VAC. Whether you grow cannabis, food crops, or ornamentals, TUBU's line of grow light led strip ensures even fair distribution throughout your growing space. Experience high-quality and reliable crop yields while maintaining sustainable control over planting results.

LED Grow Light Bar Advantages

The LED Grow Light Bar has multiple advantages over traditional grow lights that can bring significant benefits to growers, including high efficiency, energy savings, long service life, and durability. LED lights have a high photoelectric conversion efficiency, which can convert electrical energy into light energy with an efficiency of more than 40%, whereas the photoelectric conversion efficiency of traditional grow lights is only about 20%, so LED Grow Light Bar can save energy and reduce growing costs. Therefore, LED Grow Light Bar saves energy and reduces growing costs.The low power consumption of LED lights can effectively reduce growing costs. Additionally, the long life of the LED Grow Light Bar reduces the frequency of fixture replacements, resulting in further cost savings.The LED Grow Light Bar provides uniform light, ensuring even plant growth. Traditional grow lights tend to provide uneven light, which can lead to uneven plant growth, and LED lights have a long lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, compared to about 10,000 hours for traditional grow lights. As a result, the LED Grow Light Bar reduces the frequency of fixture changes and lowers maintenance costs.LED lights are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh environments. Traditional grow lights are often made of fragile materials that are not durable.

Tech Specs

Product Code






Input Voltage/frequency








2.8 umol/J

Light angle

120 degree


10~30 inch

Operating Temperature

-20~45℃,20~95%RHNo condensation

Storage Temp & Humidity

-20~85℃,10~95%RHNo condensation

IP Grade



3 years

Product Size

1127 X 1151 X 57.5mm

Packing Quantity


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Provides a full spectrum of light with high PPF efficiency, ensuring plants receive just the right amount of light for optimal growth and productivity.

Detachable folds for easy storage

It has the function detachable and foldable. Provides flexibility in positioning and installation, easily adjusts, moves, and removes individual light panels, able to provide optimal lighting conditions for different stages of plant growth. Convenient storage when not in use.

plug & play, easy to use

The integrated driver and dimmer design eliminates the need for separate driver and dimmer components, making installation easier. No extra wiring or setup is required, just plug and play. Lighting intensity can be easily adjusted according to needs. (drive detachable)

IP65 waterproof rating

All LEDs are coated with waterproof glue perfect for wet environments, special waterproof rubber pad. water-proof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof.

Simplify Installation
And Optimize Management

Features a daisy-chain capability that allows you to connect multiple lights together using a single power supply. It simplifies installation, reduces cable clutter, eliminates the need for multiple power outlets, and is better managed. (Support up to 500 lights)

Using SAMSUNG LM301h Diodes

SAMSUNG LM301h diodes feature high efficiency, long life, and low heat output while providing a broad and balanced spectrum that is very close to natural sunlight.

Fast heat dissipation

Using special aviation aluminum, high purity, provides excellent heat dissipation, durability, lightweight construction, and corrosion resistance.

slim packaging saves space

The combination packaging design not only saves space but also reduces transportation costs by 50%.

LED Grow Light Bar Application

LED Grow Light Bar in Different Application Scenarios

Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers: LED Grow Light Bar can provide uniform and efficient light, which can meet the light requirement for plant growth. In addition, LED Grow Light Bar saves energy and reduces growing costs.

Indoor Plants: LED Grow Light Bar provides controlled light to meet the light conditions needed for indoor plant growth. In addition, the LED Grow Light Bar reduces heat and minimizes damage to indoor plants.

Medicinal Plants: The LED Grow Light Bar provides precise light to promote the growth of medicinal plants and the production of needed compounds. In addition, the LED Grow Light Bar reduces pollution and ensures the safety of medicinal plants.

Microorganisms: LED Grow Light Bar provides customized light to promote microbial growth and reproduction. In addition, LED Grow Light Bar reduces noise and minimizes the impact on microorganisms.

bar style grow light of lightmyleaf
Full Spectrum Plant Lighting
Octopus LED Grow Light Bar Application

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Customizability of LED Grow Light Bar

LED Grow Light Bar can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers. LED Grow Light Bar can be customized in terms of power to meet the needs of different growing areas. For example, a smaller LED Grow Light Bar can be selected for a small grow site, while a larger LED Grow Light Bar can be selected for a large grow site.TUBU introduces Octopus LED Grow Light Bar. This linear light fixture has three power options 680W, 720W, and 800W. With a high luminous flux PPF of 2240 µmol and an impressive efficiency of 2.8 µmol/J, this grow light is designed to deliver exceptional results. Light is designed to deliver exceptional results.

TUBU LED Grow Light Bar After Sales Service

TUBU is committed to providing excellent after-sales service to our customers. Our Full spectrum LED grow light strip comes with a three-year warranty. TUBU believes that quality after-sales service is the key to customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with a worry-free growing experience.

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