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Highlights of the TUBU Germany Exhibition!


April 30, 2024

The TUBU Germany Exhibition, held from March 3rd to 8th, 2024, at the Frankfurt International Exhibition Center, Hall 10.2, Booth No. F75, has concluded on a triumphant note! This grand event witnessed TUBU unveiling its latest products and cutting-edge technologies, drawing in a vast audience from across the globe, eager to witness and engage with the company's innovations.

TUBU Germany Exhibition

Exhibition Highlights

TUBU's booth was very popular and attracted a lot of visitors. TUBU's booth design was simple and atmospheric, with colorful product displays, which attracted visitors from all over the world to visit and negotiate.TUBU's staff warmly received every visitor, introduced TUBU's products and technologies in detail and answered the visitors' questions.

TUBU's latest products and technologies attracted a lot of attention TUBU showcased its newly developed products and technologies at the exhibition. These products and technologies won favorable comments from visitors for their excellent performance and innovative design.

TUBU has established a wide range of cooperative relationships with customers. TUBU had in-depth communication with customers from all over the world at the exhibition and established a wide range of cooperative relationships. TUBU believes that these cooperative relationships will bring new opportunities for TUBU's future development.

Exhibition Review

The TUBU Germany Exhibition is an important step for TUBU to step into the international market. The exhibition not only made TUBU's products and technology recognized by the global audience, but also laid a solid foundation for TUBU to develop overseas markets. TUBU will continue to work hard and innovate, and provide even better products and services to customers around the world.

TUBU would like to thank all the friends who participated in this exhibition!

TUBU Germany Exhibition(1)

About TUBU

TUBU is a company specializing in LED Lights.TUBU has strong R&D strength and perfect production system, and its products and technologies have been widely used in various applications. TUBU is committed to providing high quality products and services to global customers and creating value for them.

Contact TUBU

If you want to know more about TUBU, please visit our website at www.tu-bu.com or contact us at sales@tu-bu.com.

TUBU Germany Exhibition(2)
About the author

TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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