What is 400w metal halide high bay LED equivalent?

Of course, with the TUBU 150-200W LED linear high bay instead, why TUBU 150-200W LED linear high bay is 400w metal halide high bay equivalent?

Let us first look at the features of the two lamps.

Metal halide lamp features:

Most large devices use metal halide bulbs. Usually 250 watts, 400 watts or 1000 watts. Metal halide lighting effect of 80 ~ 100Lm / W, is a heat source. However, since the light emission angle is 360°, the light utilization efficiency is low.

Since the spectrum of the metal halide lamp is a superimposed linear spectrum on the basis of the continuous spectrum, the color rendering index is particularly high, that is, the color reproduction is particularly good, which can reach 90%. In addition, the metal halide lamp has a high color temperature of up to 5,000 to 6,000K, and a dedicated projector lamp can reach 7000 to 20000K. In the same brightness conditions, the higher the color temperature, the brighter the human eye feels. Metal halide lamps have a relatively short life due to their high brightness and small size. Due to limitations in materials and processes, metal halide lamps have a life span of 8,000 to 20,000 hours.

Insurmountable is that the metal halide high bay actually starts with very high efficiency. A new metal halide bulb can reach nearly 100 lumens per watt. The problem is that they degrade quickly, so the light output is reduced by half in just a few years. Ballasts also start to perform poorly, and you lose a lot of light.