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Best LED Grow Lights for Commercial Farming


March 14, 2024

Are you a commercial farmer looking to maximize your crop production? Look no further than the TUBU Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light. This powerhouse luminaire provides everything you need to cultivate thriving plants indoors, all while saving on energy costs.

TUBU Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light

Unmatched Power: Choose from two high-output options: 760W or 1200W. This ensures your plants receive the intense light they crave for optimal growth, even during long indoor growing seasons.

Full Spectrum Advantage: This light mimics natural sunlight, delivering a complete spectrum of wavelengths crucial for plant photosynthesis. From vibrant blues and greens for healthy vegetative growth to deep reds for enhanced flowering, your crops will flourish under this comprehensive light source.

Seamless Integration: No need for a complete overhaul of your existing setup! The TUBU light seamlessly integrates into existing HPS layouts, making the transition to LED technology smooth and efficient.

Precision Control: Take complete control of your grow environment with the easy-to-use dimming knob. Fine-tune light intensity based on the specific needs of your plants and their growth stage.

Smart Compatibility: Connect your TUBU lights to compatible TUBU controllers (sold separately) for even more advanced control and automation of your lighting system. This allows for centralized management and fine-tuning of multiple lights simultaneously.

Effortless Expansion: The external RJ14 cable enables daisy-chaining of up to 80 lamps in series. This simplifies installation and power management for large-scale growth operations.

Invest in the TUBU Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light and experience the benefits of superior lighting technology for your commercial farming operation. Watch your yields soar and your energy bills shrink!

For specific details about warranty, lifespan, or lumen output, it is recommended to visit the TUBU or consult our sales team.

LED Grwo Light Bar

Why choose LED grow lights for commercial agriculture?

Compared with traditional lighting, LED plant lights have the advantage of energy saving. The energy consumption of LED plant lights is much lower than that of traditional lighting fixtures, which can help commercial farms save electricity bills. LED plant lights have the advantage of high efficiency. LED plant lights can provide more effective lighting, promote plant growth and increase yields. LED plant lights have the advantage of being environmentally friendly. LED plant lights do not contain harmful substances, do not produce pollution, and are conducive to environmental protection. LED plant lights have the advantage of controllability. The spectrum, light intensity and other parameters of LED plant lights can be adjusted to meet the needs of different plant growth stages.

How to choose a suitable LED grow light?

When choosing LED grow lights, you need to consider factors such as planting area, plant species, growth stage, and budget. It is necessary to choose LED grow lights with appropriate power according to the planting area. Different plants have different needs for light, so you need to choose LED plant lights with the appropriate spectrum. Plants have different light needs at different growth stages, so you need to choose LED plant lights with adjustable light intensity. LED grow lights vary greatly in price, and you need to choose the right product according to your budget.

What are the precautions for using LED grow lights?

When using LED grow lights, you need to pay attention to the installation height, lighting time, and heat dissipation. The installation height of LED plant lights needs to be adjusted according to the growth stage of the plants. The lighting time of plants needs to be adjusted according to the type of plant. LED grow lights will generate heat when working, and heat dissipation measures need to be taken.

Where can I buy LED grow lights?

SHENZHEN TUBU TECH CO., LTD, a professional ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified LED Lighting manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. TUBU is engaged in research and development of different types of led lights since 2014. We focus on the LED lightings, like LED tri-proof light, LED grow light, LED farm light, LED high bay light, LED low bay light, LED floodlight, and LED street light, etc.

About the author

TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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