Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light


  • Power: 760W, 1200W
  • Has a full spectrum of plant growth
  • Fits seamlessly into existing HPS layouts
  • 20% energy saving compared to 1000W DE HPS
  • Compatible with TUBU controllers
  • Equipped with external RJ14 cable for daisy-chaining for series control (up to 80 lamps in series)

Product Description

The Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light is an efficient, energy-saving lighting solution for a variety of greenhouse crops. Greenhouse LED grow light uses high-quality LED chips to provide full-spectrum light to meet all the light needs for plant growth. it suitable for a variety of greenhouse crops, including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, hemp, spinach, cabbage, etc.

Available in 760W, and 1200W, TUBU's greenhouse LED grow light seamlessly integrate into existing HPS layouts, saving up to 20% energy. It also provides plants with better light across the full spectrum. This ensures optimal light wavelengths for plants at every growth cycle stage, resulting in healthier, stronger plants.

Can Be Equipped with Grow Light Control System

Compatible with TUBU controllers, the greenhouse LED grow lights allow growers to control lighting conditions at scale with daisy-chained cascade control via an external RJ14 cable. Featuring high-quality SEOUL 5050 LEDs for superior performance and long life, it ensures your plants get the light they need to thrive.

The light distribution of 100° ensures that plants receive broad and even coverage, promoting optimal growth and development. This distribution eliminates dark spots, benefiting both the top leaves and lower branches of the plant.

Tech Specs

Product Code



Dimming Switch



LED Efficacy



Total PPF



Input Voltage

120-277V AC, 50/60Hz

100-277 V/277-480V


SEOUL 5050/LEDestar 5050/OSRAM 3030

SEOUL 6V 5050 LEDs

Light Distribution


Spectral Range










Ambient Temperature


Color Rendering Index

Ra 85

Packing Size (mm)



Gross weight (kg) ±0.3



IP Rating


760W 1200W LED Grow Light

The 760W LED Grow Light and 1200W LED Grow Light are both powerful and easy to use LED grow lights. They feature a full spectrum of light, high efficiency, long life and easy installation. In addition, they are equipped with a dimmer function that allows you to adjust the light intensity to suit the needs of your plants. 760W LED Grow Lights have a dimmer switch that adjusts the power to 260W, 420W, 590W, or 760W. 1200W LED Grow Lights have a dimmer switch that adjusts the power to 480W, 720W, 960W, or 1200W. If you are looking for a versatile and easy-to-use LED grow light, the LED Grow Lights are the perfect choice. If you're looking for a full-featured, easy-to-use LED grow light, these are both great choices.

Product Advantages

Greenhouse LED Grow Light Replacement For HPS

Greenhouse LED Grow Light are two power options (760W, 1200W) to choose from to meet your specific needs. It can be seamlessly integrated with the existing HPS layout while reducing energy consumption by 20% compared to DE HPS.

Convenient Dimming Control

Full spectrum plant light is equipped with a dimming knob, growers can easily adjust the light intensity according to their needs. This feature allows the flexibility to tailor lighting conditions to the specific requirements of different plant species and growth stages.

Compatible with TUBU controllers

The full spectrum plant light are compatible with TUBU's controllers, ensuring easy and effective control of lighting conditions for optimal plant growth.

Daisy Chain Control

Equipped with an external RJ14 cable to incorporate a daisy chain controller, allowing up to 80 lights to be connected in series. This allows large growers to conveniently manage multiple lights at the same time.

Full-spectrum plant growth

LED grow lights provide a full-spectrum range of light to meet the needs of plants throughout their growth cycle. Make sure that plants can get the required wavelengths in each growth stage, so that the plants can grow healthily and vigorously.

External Driver Solution

Full spectrum LED grow lights solve problems related to overheating in greenhouses caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight with external drives. This reduces the risk of LED damage and extends the life of your greenhouse equipment.

Lower heat radiation

LED fixtures produce much less radiant heat compared to HPS fixtures. If the temperature is too high or too low, photosynthesis will slow down. Warming of crop leaves promotes transpiration, the movement of water and dissolved nutrients from the roots to new growth points. It is recommended to increase the room temperature when using LED grow lights.


Plant lights can be used in marijuana cultivation. Plant lights can provide the necessary light needed for marijuana growth, both spectral and light intensity.

Full Spectrum Greenhouse Horticulture Lighting
Application of Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum Greenhouse Lighting

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Why Buy Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light?

Buy full spectrum greenhouse LED grow light, LED light promotes plant growth and increases yields.
LED light highly efficient and energy-saving, it can reduce operating costs.
LED light strong durability and long service life.
Full spectrum greenhouse LED grow light easy to install and maintain.

Why Choose TUBU Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light?

When compared to other LED grow lights, TUBU offers Competitive pricing, Delivers excellent value for your investment. Proven track record, trusted by growers worldwide for their reliable performance. Focus on innovation, continuously develops new technologies to improve light efficiency and effectiveness.

We provide professional technical support to help you solve problems encountered during use. If your product fails during the warranty period, please contact our team and we will provide you with further assistance. Choose TUBU to grow lights with peace of mind.

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