Greenhouse Grow Light


  • High-efficiency full spectrum LED grow light
  • Added deep Red and IR
  • Save 50% on electricity costs when compared to HPS
  • Waterproof-ip65, safer for indoor growing
  • Dimmable JUSON driver, with 20%~100% easy dimming knob to turn on/off the light
  • Long lifespan up to L70>54,000 hours according to the calculation of the LEDs LM80 testing report
  • Less adjustable hanging kits are included
  • Dimming power supply included
  • Customized bulk orders on request

Product Description

Greenhouse grow light uses samsung lm301h diode, TUBU greenhouse lamp manufacturer provides the best greenhouse grow lights, greenhouse lights for winter. TUBU High Power Full Spectrum Greenhouse Grow Light is equipped with a JUSON dimming driver that can be easily dimmed from 20% to 100% with a knob. With a powerful 720W output, which provide an optimal growing spectrum and excellent energy efficiency. With these high-quality diodes, you can achieve maximum yield and healthy plant development. In addition, it is reinforced with a special coating that prolongs the life of the board. TUBU's Greenhouse Grow Lights also add deep red and infrared light to promote strong leaf growth and increase crop yields. Make sure your plants get the ideal spectrum for their specific needs.Whether you're growing plants in a greenhouse or tending an indoor garden, this grow light is perfect for every stage of the plant growth cycle.

Greenhouse Grow Light Features

Greenhouse Grow Light has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, uniform illumination, dimmability, reliability and durability. Greenhouse Grow Light uses over 50% less energy than traditional lighting systems. This can help you reduce operating costs and increase profitability. Greenhouse lights use uniform lighting technology to ensure that all plants get the light they need. This can help you increase production and improve quality. The greenhouse lamp can adjust the light intensity according to the growth stage of the plants. This can help you optimize your plant's growth and yield. Overall, this product is made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use.

Tech Specs

Product Code








Input Voltage/Frequency

100-277 V/AC


FST 330~880nm

Heat Dissipation Method

Integrated Heat Dissipation Structure

Structure Material

Aluminium Alloy

Operation Temperature

-20~45℃, 20~95%RHN0 Condensation

Beam Angle

110°X115° Rectangular Beam

Life Span

Ta 40C L70>54000Hours

IP Class



3 yeaars



Packing Size


Packing Quantity


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Full-Spectrum Plant Growth Lights

The latest version of greenhouse grow light has a power of 720W, providing high-efficiency full-spectrum, Ideal for greenhouse and indoor applications throughout the entire growth cycle of plants.

Premium Dioe Technology

Utilizing Samsung LM301H diodes ensures superior light output and efficiency. Provides optimal light conditions for plants at every stage of growth.

Enhanced Growth Potential

TUBU's greenhouse grow lights added deep Red and IR that stimulate leaf and crop growth. This accelerates plant development for healthier, richer yields.

Powered by JUSON drive

Using JUSON drivers, providing efficient power conversion, the intensity and color of the light can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of different plant varieties and growth stages.

Durable And Waterproof

Achieves an IP65 waterproof rating, providing maximum safety for indoor growing. They are also coated to increase the life of the light panels and ensure consistent performance.

Comprehensive Spectrum

TUBU's greenhouse grow lights provide a comprehensive growth spectrum for every stage of the plant life cycle. Maximize yield potential.

Installation Mode

Greenhouse Grow Light installation method

Greenhouse Grow Lights for Cannabis

Greenhouse grow lights for cannabis are specially designed lighting systems that provide the necessary light spectrum and intensity for optimal growth and flowering of cannabis plants indoors. These lights are typically LED-based, as they are energy-efficient and can be tailored to provide the specific light wavelengths needed for different stages of plant growth. One of the key benefits of using greenhouse grow lights for cannabis is that they allow for year-round cultivation, regardless of the natural lighting conditions outside. This is particularly important in regions with limited sunlight or extreme weather conditions. Additionally, grow lights can be adjusted to provide the ideal light intensity and spectrum for each stage of the plant's life cycle, promoting healthy growth and maximizing yield.

Greenhouse grow lights offer an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for indoor cannabis cultivation, allowing for year-round production and optimal plant growth. With ongoing advancements in lighting technology, the future looks promising for even more energy-efficient and cost-effective options in the market.

Greenhouse Grow Lighting
growing cannabis with tubu led grow light
Greenhouse lighting

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What are greenhouse grow lights?

These are artificial light sources designed specifically for plant growth in greenhouses. They provide plants with the light they need for photosynthesis, even when natural sunlight is insufficient.

What are the benefits of using greenhouse grow lights?

They can extend the growing season, increase yields, improve crop quality, and allow you to grow crops that wouldn't normally thrive in your climate.

What types of greenhouse grow lights are there?

There are many different types, including fluorescent, incandescent, high-intensity discharge (HID), and LED lights. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How do I choose the right greenhouse grow light for my needs?

The best choice for you will depend on factors such as the type of plants you are growing, the size of your greenhouse, and your budget.

Where can I learn more about greenhouse grow lights?

There are many resources available online and in libraries. You can also talk to a gardening expert or a representative from a grow light manufacturer.

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