Advanced UVIR Grow Light Bar


  • IP65 protection grade
  • Waterproof connector fast series connection
  • Adopting innovative light-transmitting materials
  • Automatic spring clip-on strong installation adaptability
  • 3 Year Warranty on Complete Fixture. (LEDs, Driver, & Housing)


Experience the full potential of your indoor garden with TUBU's UVIR Modular Grow Light. While it can be used independently, we highly recommend pairing it with our grow light strips for optimal results. The UVIR module is specifically designed to eliminate harmful bacteria, prevent overgrowth of grow beads, and significantly enhance fruiting and yield.

TUBU's Advanced UVIR Grow Light Bar features a totally waterproof solution and a quartz glass translucent construction. Compared with other UV products in the market, this unique design increases the visible light penetration efficiency by 20%.

Advanced UV IR Grow Light Bar adopts a tool-free installation design and LED Light can be connected in series, easy to install. Using male-to-female connectors, connect 10 in series with an input voltage of 120V, and 20 in series with an input voltage of 230V. For seamless integration with the smart controller, we've included an RJ14 dimming connector (also compatible with other brands of foldable series LED grow lights).

Tech Specs

Product Code











24.45 umol/S

130 umol/S


0.489 umol/J

2.6 umol/J

Input Voltage/Frequency




FST 330~880nm

Heat Dissipation Method

Integrated Heat Dissipation Structure

Structure Material

Aluminium Alloy

Operation Temperature

-20~45℃,20~95%RHNo condensation

Beam Angle

110°x115° Rectangular Beam

Quantity In Series(Max)


IP Grade



3 years

Packing Size(mm)


Packing Quantity


Fully waterproof UVIR Grow Light Bar

With an IP65 rating, it provides full waterproofing. This ensures protection from water damage, making it ideal for use in greenhouses or humid environments.

Easy Installation

With a tool-free installation design and automatic spring clip installation mechanism, installation is extremely simple. With strong adaptability, it can be easily installed in different locations, saving you time and energy.

Enhanced light transmission

The innovative quartz glass light transmission structure can increase the UVIP visible light transmission efficiency by 20%. This means plants will receive more beneficial UV light for optimal growth and health.

Fast and safe connection

Waterproof connector fast series connection is adopted, the connection is fast and convenient, ensuring a safe and reliable electrical connection.

Multifunctional connection

Equipped with male-to-female connectors, multiple LED Lights can be connected in series. The RJ14-look dimming connector seamlessly integrates with the smart controller, giving you complete control over your lighting environment.

Using UVIR light
to optimize plant growth

UVIR module harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria that damage plant health. Controls overgrowth of plants to ensure they remain at optimum levels.

Has built-in cooling protection

The integrated heat dissipation structure ensures efficient cooling and prevents damage to plants due to overheating, thereby maintaining a suitable temperature for plant growth.

optimal photosynthesis

FST 330~880nm spectrum provides optimal photosynthesis and maximum productivity for every stage of plant development.

Installation Mode

UVIR Grow Light Bar Installation mode


Plant cultivation lighting
UVIR Grow Light Bar Application
UVIR Lighting

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