Smart Grow Light Control System


  • No master switch required
  • Thermal shutdown
  • The temperature control function can be set to automatically shut down the device.
  • Intelligent control and monitoring. automatic dimming.
  • Sunshine/sunset simulation for efficient lighting system operation.
  • 2 independent lines to manage various lighting and dimming performance.
  • Each channel can connect 50 power supplies.
  • Custom power for maximum output.
  • Bluetooth connection, the power can be controlled by App.
  • Different sensors for humidity/temperature/light/CO2/smoke monitoring.
  • Ease of installation (low voltage equipment).


TUBU's Smart Grow Light Control System is designed to provide intelligent and sophisticated control over your lighting and ambient conditions. Two lines, each capable of connecting 50 power supplies, with easy-to-control flexibility for maximum production in any setup. In addition, it also provides Bluetooth function and supports APP. Allows you to remotely control and monitor your lighting system.

Smart Grow Light's integrated sensors can be used to monitor humidity, temperature, light, carbon dioxide levels, and smoke. Comprehensive monitoring features ensure your growing system is always optimized for optimal plant growth and safety.

In addition to advanced lighting control, the ES-CSP-A system is specially designed for daily lighting management, such as automatic dimming, thermal shutdown, and sunrise/sunset simulation to ensure the optimal operation of your lighting system.

Furthermore, with two independent lines, it is possible to manage multiple lighting settings and dimming performance according to personal preference. This means you can create different lighting environments in various areas of your space with just one system

Overheat Protection Smart Grow Light

The system has an overheat shutdown function, which will automatically turn off the light when the temperature exceeds a safe value. Can protect plants from heat damage.

Smart Control And Monitoring

The system is equipped with advanced technology for precise control and monitoring of grow lights. Easily adjust light intensity, duration, and spectrum to optimize plant growth and yield.

Automatic dimming

With an automatic dimming function, the system can intelligently adjust the light output according to the specific needs of plants. Ensuring plants receive the right amount of light at each stage of the growth cycle promotes healthy and thriving plants.

Simulate natural lighting conditions

Provides sunrise/sunset simulation. This gradual transition between light and dark creates a more natural environment for your plants, helping them thrive.

Remote Control Connection

Provides Bluetooth function, supports APP, you can use your smartphone or computer to remotely monitor and adjust the grow lights, and control your indoor garden anytime, anywhere.

Multifunctional integrated sensor

The system can be equipped with integrated sensors for humidity, temperature, light, CO2, and smoke monitoring. Comprehensive monitoring capabilities allow you to maintain optimal growing conditions and respond quickly to environmental changes.

Easy Series Connection Convenient Control

2 separate lines, each line can be connected to 50 power sources, meeting the needs of small and large indoor gardens, and easy to manage.

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