IES File

What is an IES file? What is the role of the IES file? How do we open IES files?
The IES file is the electronic format of the light source (lamp) light distribution curve file, because its extension is “*.ies”, so we usually call it the IES file directly.
The meaning of the IES file is customized and implemented by the Lighting Association of North America. It is now a default file format for storing the spatial light intensity distribution of light sources in many regions.
We can use IES files for lighting design and open it with Dialux software.
The IES test includes the following contents: actual power of the lamp, actual current, PF value, total luminous flux, luminous efficiency, peak light intensity, ratio of uplighted light flux, ratio of downlighted light flux, average beam angle, spatial illuminance curve, luminous flux of the luminaire, Workface utilization factors and estimated cost of lamps, Wall and ceiling utilization factor, UGR (Unified Glare Rating) data table, UF utilization factor table, Luminaires and other light intensity curves, Luminaires’ effective average illuminance maps, Planar illuminance curves, Average brightness data Table (CIBSE), plane illuminance curve, light intensity distribution data table, etc.

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