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How to Choose the Most Suitable LED Lighting for Warehouse?


April 3, 2018

led linear high bay application for warehouse

workshop lighting, warehouse lighting, office lighting, factory lighting, equipment lighting, and other ancillary lighting. How to choose the most suitable LED lighting for industrial warehouse?It must be LED linear high bay light.

In the design of warehouse lighting, according to the visual requirements, warehouse operations and environmental conditions, through the choice and configuration of LED lamps, the working area space has reasonable illumination, color rendering and appropriate brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment.

1) Energy-saving: Intelligent control of the lighting system is implemented, and dual-channel lighting of the warehouse is adopted. During the day, one road can be closed and two roads can be opened at night;

2) Safety: Lighting fixtures with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-riot properties should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps;

3) Long-life: The warehouse should not change the lamps frequently, avoid increasing the cost of the later period, and choose lamps with long life and high stability.

4) Warehouse height: 4-6 meters of low-level warehouse, 6-15 meters of middle warehouse, and 15 meters of special high-rise warehouse;

5) Shelf height: The shelf height of the middle warehouse is generally 2 meters, while that of the middle warehouse is generally 8 meters.

6) Illumination requirements: in order to clearly identify the goods and labels, the minimum brightness to the ground must not be less than 80 lux;

1-3 elements relatively speaking, as long as the choice of honest merchants LED products, according to the parameters agreed in the contract, there will be no basic problems. If it is a three-year warranty product brand recommended light source wafer, five-year warranty products using Bridgelux, Epistar,Cree and other brands, more than five years warranty products the driver using Meanwell or Inventronics.
The most important thing is to base on the 4-5 elements, that is, to lay out the position of the light according to the height of the shelf and the placement position, to ensure that each channel has enough light, and to pass the professional lighting fixture simulation software. , Analysis and calculation of the need for how much power LED lights, in order to achieve the illuminance requirements of element 6.

We use the most common 4-6m warehouse height to see a case where the customer requires 120lux of ground illumination. We recommend a 90×110° LED linear high bay lamp, 80W to the ground can reach 160lux, and the span between lamp and lamp is 5- Between 6 meters.

The most common one is a 9-12m warehouse. For example, the height of a warehouse in Amazon is 12 meters and the height of the shelf is 8 meters. They require energy saving, safety, and long service life of the lamps. Due to the high shelf, the lighting at the top of the shelf is also required. To be very good, we recommend 150W LED linear high bay light, 30×70°, installation height of lamp: 9.5m, 200lux from ground height 75cm, 350lux from ground 6m height, span between lamp and lamp 6 meters.

When determining the lighting plan for the warehouse, special requirements for warehouse lighting of different types of buildings should be considered, and the relationship between lighting and natural lighting should be well handled. High-efficiency light source lamps and lanterns should be used, construction funds should be used rationally, and warehouse lighting quality should be improved.

After reading these programs, I believe you must know how to choose the most suitable for your warehouse lights. You can also contact us at any time to help you out with a plan that suits you better.





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TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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