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How to Develop High-Value and Practical LED Linear Light?


August 8, 2018

In addition to considering the value of the LED linear light fixture,the development of the the LED linear light also considers the optical technical requirements of the product, the stability of the product, and the intelligence.

The basis of light is the “core”: the chip LED determines the quality of the light output of the lamp. It is very important to choose which chip matching. Choosing the LED and the demand parameter standard is the basis and purity to ensure the light quality of the “core” piece, for example You can choose a low-power SMD chip, or the current hot EMC3030, or an old and strong high-power 3535 package LED lamp bead, which is a matter of learning, and the choice of LED lamp beads should be chosen. Which technical parameter area and so on, which will determine the technical direction of the luminaire and the market sales positioning pattern. Office lighting standard Ra ≥ 80, then some high-demand office buildings may need to meet 9050 (Ra90, R9 50), if it is industrial warehouse lighting, I think if you want Ra80/90, it is a waste, the standard requirements to reach Ra ≥ 70 is fine. Because the light efficiency of the LED lamp bead is inversely proportional to the Ra parameter, the higher the Ra, the more light efficiency is sacrificed, so the most important is the most suitable.

Optics is the light control magician of the luminaire. It is a tool for controlling the divergence direction and light intensity distribution of the light emitted by the LED lamp bead. It is commonly known as the magic light control magician. Optical components, whether they are lenses or reflectors, must be combined with the matching LED bead to make sense. So when choosing a scene application and choosing a lighting solution, LEDs and optics must be considered together, and what kind of solution can be used to achieve the lighting effect we want. Then consider the light distribution, efficiency and anti-glare requirements on this basis. According to the IES EN12464-1 standard, the general office scene can meet UGR < 19, preferably UGR < 16, of course, if the glare value of a scene can control UGR < 10, then we basically think that there is no glare.

The first two aspects are done, and the stability and ductility of the luminaires are particularly important. A large part of the life of the luminaire is determined by the choice and use of the electrical appliance, and the right cost-effective lighting appliances are selected to provide reasonable life and stability for the luminaire. Modern office lighting applications should also consider smart applications, so the choice of smart solutions and product scalability must also be considered in this link. As for which intelligent mode to choose, it can be determined according to specific needs and applications.

The need for energy saving: energy saving of lamps or system energy saving is not an independent individual, but is the result of the combination of various combination units. The light efficiency of the LED lamp bead, the effective utilization of the optical device, the power factor of the electrical appliance and the intelligent dimming system constitute a comprehensive energy-saving product, which constitutes the low-energy and energy-saving building project of the whole project.

The above summary of these points is also the current market trend and technical points of linear lighting, grasping the application direction, refining the needs of light scenes, using advanced LED technology and good light distribution, combined with popular intelligent lighting, serious research and development High-value original industrial design and luminaire shape details, then this linear lighting fixture must be a high-quality product with strong vitality and recognition. With the explosion of office lighting, industrial lighting is updated. With the rise of warehousing lighting, it is foreseeable that linear luminaires will be a blue ocean.

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TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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