IP66 tri proof LED lighting application for cold storage

Cold storage light is a kind of light named in the form of  use. Mainly used for cold storage, freezer and other environmental temperature is relatively low, relatively humid, and need to use electricity safety and environmental protection places. With the development of the cold chain in the past few years, cold storage is widely used in food preservation applications. The special lighting fixtures for cold storage are also becoming more and more specialized.

The general cold store light is divided into two parts, one is a protective cover and the other is a light source. The protective cover is made of material, including cast aluminum + glass, iron + glass, and full plastic. Cold light sources include traditional incandescent lamps, traditional energy-saving lamps (fluorescent lamps), and LED cold store lights. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED cold storage lights have become more and more mature, compared with the original traditional lamps have a long life, anti-ice, safety, environmental protection and other advantages have become the new darling of cold storage lamps.

Cold storage lamp rated voltage AC 36V 220V Protection class IP66 Corrosion protection level WF1

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