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LED High Bay protection class

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May 21, 2018

ip65 led high bay

Before purchasing LED high bay light, please understand the technical parameters of LED high bay light. What does LED high bay light protection standard IP65 mean?

The code for the enclosure protection class is usually composed of the characteristic letter IP and two characteristic numbers. The first figure refers to the following: prevent the human body from touching or approaching the live parts inside the enclosure and touching the moving parts (except for smooth rotation and the like) to prevent the protection of solid foreign objects into the enclosure; the second figure refers to: preventing water from entering the enclosure The interior achieves a degree of protection against harmful levels.

The first marked number definition:

0 No protection: No special protection against people or things outside.

1 Prevent the penetration of solid objects larger than 50mm: Prevent the human body (such as palm) from accidentally touching the parts inside the lamp. Prevent intrusion of foreign objects of larger size (diameter greater than 50mm).

2 Prevent intrusion of solid objects larger than 12mm: Prevent human fingers from coming into contact with parts inside the fixture to prevent intrusion of foreign objects of medium size (12mm in diameter).

3 Prevent intrusion of solid objects larger than 2.5 mm: Prevent tools, wires, or similar small foreign objects with a diameter or thickness greater than 2.5 mm from intruding into contact with parts inside the fixture.

4 to prevent the invasion of solid objects greater than 1.0mm: to prevent the diameter or thickness of more than 1.0mm tools, wires or similar details of small foreign objects invade and touch the interior parts of the lamp.

5 Dust-proof: It completely prevents the intrusion of foreign objects. Although it cannot completely prevent dust from entering, the amount of intruded dust does not affect the normal operation of the lamp.

6 Dust-proof: It completely prevents the intrusion of foreign objects and completely prevents dust from entering.

The second tag number definition:

0 No protection: No protection.

1 Prevent drip intrusion: Drops of water (such as condensate) that are dropped vertically will not have a detrimental effect on the luminaire.

2 It can still prevent the intrusion of drip when tilted at 15 degrees: When the light is tilted to 15 degrees from the vertical, the drip will not cause harmful effects on the light.

3 to prevent the intrusion of sprayed water: prevent rain, or prevent water sprayed into the fixture with a vertical angle less than 60 degrees to cause damage.

4 to prevent the intrusion of splashing water: to prevent splashing water in all directions into the lamp to cause damage.

5 to prevent the intrusion of water: prevent water from the nozzles from all directions to enter the lamp to cause damage.

6 to prevent the intrusion of large waves: lamps installed on the deck to prevent damage caused by the invasion of large waves.

7 to prevent water intrusion when flooding: The lamp is immersed in water for a certain time or water pressure below a certain standard to ensure that it does not cause damage due to water.

8 Prevent intrusion of water when sinking: The lamp sinks indefinitely under specified water pressure conditions to ensure that it is not damaged due to water ingress.

These two figures are an important basis for the LED high-bay light protection level. For consumers, when buying LED light fixtures such as high-bay light, it is not the higher of these two numbers, the better. It must be purchase the product according to their own actual conditions.

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