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LED Panel Light

For LED Panel Light, we have LED Panel Light 120lm/W, Tunable white LED Panel Light,UGR<19 LED Panel Light,Round LED Panel Light for your choice.


LED Panel Light 120~130lm/W

TUBU’s high performance Edge Lit LED ceiling panels combine architectural form and versatility to make it an excellent choice for new construction or retrofit applications. The 120LM/W series panels are offered in a variety of color temperatures and wattage for flexibility in all types of applications. The edge lit design produces an evenly illuminated glow. Very low temperature operation saves on HVAC costs and long life greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Tunable white LED Panel Light

Lighting is personal. Individuals are at their best when they can control the quality, color and quantity of light to suit the types of activities they’re performing. TUBU’s Tunable White LED Panel Light allows the user to change the colour temperature of the light from warm white(3000K) to cool white(6000K), as well as the intensity from 100% down to 10% , using wireless hand held remote controllers. This empowers the user to control their environment and change the lighting according to their preferences and needs.

UGR<19 LED Panel Light

our description should be here. Our products are designed for residential, commercial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting. Our vision is to be recognized as the industry-leading manufacturer of Energy Efficient Lighting products.

Round LED Panel Light

TUBU’s LED Round Panel Light feature rugged design and versatility to make it an excellent choice for new construction or retrofi t applications. Offered in a variety of wattages and color temperatures, it can replace existing Incandescent systems

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