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Plant Lighting Industry Development Opportunities


January 10, 2024

The rise of plant lighting and industrial development is the inevitable result of the integration of domestic and international facility horticulture and LED lighting technology development. According to the specific application field, artificial light plant factories, facility horticulture supplemental light, marijuana indoor cultivation, home horticulture and other facility horticulture industry is the main driving factor to pry the development of plant lighting. In addition, China's strong LED industry also provides the industrial foundation and industrial background for the development of plant lighting.

Artificial Light Plant Factory

Artificial Light Plant Factory

Artificial light plant factories generally use LED lights as the only light source for the large-scale production of vegetables, medicinal plants, etc. It is the type of horticultural facilities with the highest density of LED lights per unit area, and it is the primary factor driving the development of LED plant lighting in recent years. Internationally, medium and large-scale artificial light plant factories are developing rapidly, producing high value-added and high-quality plant species and their products, such as strawberries, medicinal plants, medicinal and food plants. Domestically, the development of artificial light plant factories in economically developed regions has been quite rapid, and a number of large-scale artificial light plant factories have emerged one after another, engaging in plant production and engineering replication. Moreover, the LED light source home plant factory industry is developing rapidly, and more than ten home plant factory products have been launched, which can produce all kinds of leafy vegetables with various functions.

In addition, in the islands, deserts, space, ships, polar regions, plateaus and other special extreme environmental conditions, artificial light plant factories play an indispensable role in solving the problem of green fresh vegetables, the value of social application is self-evident.

Facility Horticulture Light Supplement

The cultivated area of China's facility horticulture is up to more than 4 million hm2, covering a wide range of fields such as vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal plants, edible fungi, seedlings, tissue seedlings, flowers and so on. Facility horticulture is an environmentally controlled industry, and light environment regulation is its essential requirement, which plays an important role in eliminating low light and low light adversity, implementing photoperiodic regulation, and achieving high quality and high yield. Facility crops listed in anti-seasonal production, replenishment measures are in urgent need, the northern facility fruit trees (cherry, grape, nectarine, date, blueberry, watermelon, etc.), ahead of the market can significantly improve the production efficiency. Even in the south, open ground dragon fruit and other fruit and vegetable production in rainy weather also need artificial light supplementation, to promote flowering and fruiting, to obtain higher benefits.

International Cannabis Indoor Cultivation

The ongoing legalisation of industrial hemp in North America is driving an explosion in demand for plant lighting, with the global cannabis market likely to grow by 22% annually over the next five years. The U.S. cannabis market is expanding rapidly, with 453,000 acres (1.8×105hm2) under cultivation in 2019, a 479% increase from 2018. According to New Frontier Data, the U.S. legal marijuana market size was $13.6 billion in 2019, with $7.6 billion in the recreational marijuana market and $6.0 billion in the medical marijuana market.The U.S. legal marijuana market size is set to increase from $13.6 billion to $29.7 billion and the medical marijuana market is set to grow from $6.0 billion to $13.1 billion from 2019 to 2025. Secondly, industrial hemp cultivation is booming in more countries across the globe and there is a vast scope for cannabidiol (CBD) applications. According to Canopy Growth, the potential global industrial hemp market exceeds $300 billion. Looking ahead, cannabis plant cultivation is an inevitable trend, and the demand for LED plant lighting fixtures will increase significantly.

plant lighting industrial

High-value empowerment of LED manufacturing

China is the world's largest LED industry country, LED semiconductor lighting upstream, midstream and downstream industry chain is perfect, the industry scale is large. According to the "2019 China Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Blue Book" released by CSA research, the total output value of China's LED semiconductor lighting industry will reach 754.8 billion yuan in 2019. downstream application contributes the most to the development of the LED industry scale, and the downstream application scale of China's LED semiconductor lighting industry will reach 638.8 billion yuan in 2019, accounting for 84.63% of the total. China's LED semiconductor lighting industry has a total output value of 754.8 billion yuan in 2019, and the downstream application of LED semiconductor lighting industry has the largest contribution.

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