March 24


What should be taken into consideration when choosing a car wash lighting?

By administrator

March 24, 2021

High-pressure spray, rigorous cleaning chemicals, and constant high humidity levels are all factors that challenge car wash lighting, all of which should be taken into consideration when choosing an LED lighting system for your facility.


TUBU’s IP69K LED Tubular lights are specially designed for these requirements and thrive in this harsh environment.

And are backed by the most stringent certifications that prove their ability to withstand such conditions, such as the highest IP ratings IP67/ IP68/IP69K high-pressure wash-down rated (waterproof), IK10 impact tested, UL Wet Location certified, and manufactured using corrosion-resistant PC & PMMA  extrusion seamless housing, and with 316L stainless steel end caps, surface mounting bracket, which guaranteed the most reliable and robust lighting solution for the car washing system.


And the waterproof plug and play connectors and cabling make these fixtures easy to daisy chain off of a single power supply unit for each line and quick-connect cabling makes installation a breeze.


Need car wash lighting solutions? Let’s talk. 


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