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What is High Bay Light Fixture?


March 8, 2018

Industrial High Bay Lighting fixture, it is to point to factories, mines, warehouse, production areas of high tent use the lamps and lanterns of the floorboard of the class, in addition to the outside environment usually use all kinds of lighting, explosion-proof fixture used in the special environment and anti-corrosion lamp.

According to the function can be divided into two kinds of general lighting and local lighting.

Normally, lamps are usually evenly spaced over the workplace or on the side walls to illuminate the entire work surface, requiring the use of more powerful incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamps or larger numbers of fluorescent lamps and ,of course, More energy-efficient high-power LED High Bay , most of the high bay belongs to this category. General lighting on the distribution of light have higher requirements, widely used direct lighting and semi-direct lighting type two types of light distribution, especially the latter. Part of the semi-direct lighting type emits light up the ceiling, which can increase the ceiling brightness and create a more comfortable and bright environment.

Local lights are lamps that increase the illumination of a working site. Its role can be to strengthen or supplement lighting on the basis of general lighting, or it can also be used as temporary lighting in places where lighting is not usually needed (such as equipment overhaul and maintenance). Most of their light distribution without strict rules. Local lighting is usually installed near the work area to use an incandescent or halogen lamp with a safe extra-low voltage (≤50V, AC rms) as the light source. With (portable) line lights, hanging lights, table lamps, machine work lights. In some tall factories, sometimes using spotlights for local lighting. Mining lamps can be divided into traditional light source mining lamps (such as sodium lamp mining lamp, mercury lamp mining lamp, etc.) and LED mining lamps. Compared to the traditional mining lamp LED mining lamp has a great advantage: 1. LED high bay light CRI>70 2. LED High Bay, more energy-efficient, equivalent to 100W LED High Bay can replace the traditional 250W traditional High Bay Fixture 3. Traditional light sources have the disadvantage of high lamp temperature, and the lamp temperature can reach 200-300 ℃. The LED itself is a cold light, lamp temperature is low, more secure, are cold-driven.

  • Requirements

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and the needs of the lighting installation conditions, the reflector of the High Bay lamp should be able to produce a wide range of light distribution. The surface is painted and glazed to make it white, and reflectors made of aluminum, glass mirrors, prism glass, etc., can achieve a wide distribution of light, suitable for a large area, vertical or near vertical workplace . For tall buildings and locations where there is a need for separate lighting for tall machine tools, reflectors made of prismatic glass, mirror glass, and polished aluminum with high light control properties can be used to obtain a narrow beam profile.

For long-term, reliable work in the dusty, damp, and other places with poor environmental conditions,High Bay Light Fixture have special requirements in terms of structural design, housings and reflectors. In dusty environments, closed luminaires or convection luminaires with upward luminaires should be used,in the wet environment, the tightness of the enclosure and the surface treatment of the reflectors should be taken care of; common open luminaires used in the interior, with enamel surface reflection Aluminum reflectors with thicker surface alumina layers or coated with silica protective film; taking into account the unavoidable vibrations in the production site, the fixed light source should use a lock-off lamp holder, and so on. High Bay have a variety of fixed ways. General lighting ceiling, embedded, hoisting (with straight tubes or chains) and suction wall and other forms. Portable local lights with the corresponding hooks, handles, feet, etc .; fixed local lights are generally screwed or fixed mechanism firmly locked in the working machine

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