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LED Grow Light for Home Commercial Pepper Growing


May 6, 2024

The Quantum Panel LED Grow Light grow light is a powerful and reliable LED grow light that is ideal for vertical farms, home growing and commercial growing. If you're looking for a chili pepper grow light that will increase yield, improve quality and save you money, then the Quantum Panel LED Grow Light grow light is the perfect choice for you.

Product Features

The Quantum Panel LED Grow Light grow light is an LED grow light designed specifically for growing chili peppers and can also be used for home or commercial growing. The light is compact and portable (compact size, light weight, easy to install and move), full spectrum (provides a complete, adjustable spectrum of light to meet the light needs of peppers at all stages of growth), energy efficient (up to 50% savings on electricity costs compared to traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights), waterproof (waterproof to IP65, safe for indoor growing environments), dimmable (with Lightmyleaf brand driver, can be used for indoor growing), and can be used to grow peppers in a variety of applications. Lightmyleaf brand driver, easily dimmable from 20%~100% with on/off knob), long life (according to the LED LM80 test report, the service life is up to L70>54,000 hours), optional power (120w and 240w are available). Dimming power supply (including dimming power supply), customized service (can be customized according to the requirements of bulk orders) features.

Pepper planting

Product Advantages

Significantly increase yield (Quantum Panel LED Grow Light grow light can provide sufficient light for pepper plants and promote photosynthesis, thus significantly increasing the yield of peppers), improve quality (the spectrum of this fixture has been carefully designed to promote the color of pepper fruits to be more vibrant and the taste to be more crunchy and tender), save cost (compared with the traditional fixtures, this fixture can save a lot of Cost saving (compared with traditional lamps, the lamp can save a lot of electricity, reduce operating costs), easy to use (the lamp is small and portable, easy to install and use, and equipped with dimmable driver, convenient operation), durable (the lamp is made of high-quality materials, long service life, can be used for a long time).

Product Parameters

Product Name



PPF Output



Efficiency PPE

Power Input

IP Rating


LEDs Color

Quantum Panel LED Grow Light

120W 240W

300*300*90 597*300*90

312umol / s 624umol / s



2.6umol / J

100-277VAC 50-60Hz


20% 40% 60% 80% 100% EXIT/OFF

"LED Star 3000K 294pcs、5000K 63pcs、660NM 14pcs、730NM 6pcs"
"LED Star 3000K 588pcs、5000K 126pcs、660NM 28pcs、730NM 12pcs"
"Samsung + Osram 3000K 210pcs、5000K 45pcs、660NM 10pcs、730NM 2pcs"
"Samsung + Osram 3000K 336pcs、5000K 72pcs、660NM 16pcs、730NM 2pcs"

Applicable Scenarios

Vertical farms, home planting, commercial planting.

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Pepper grow

User Testimonials

"I have been using the Quantum Panel LED Grow Light for growing peppers for over two years now. I am very happy with the results. My pepper yields are over 20% higher than before and the quality has improved dramatically. In addition, the fixture is very energy efficient and has helped me save a lot of money on my electric bill." - A vertical farmer

"I've been looking for a fixture to grow peppers at home. the Quantum Panel LED Grow Light grow light is perfect for my needs. It's compact, easy to install, and works great. My peppers are growing in abundance and have lots of fruit." - A home grower

"I run a small pepper farm. After I used the Quantum Panel LED Grow Lights, the yield and quality of my peppers has improved dramatically. My customers are very happy with my peppers and my business has grown tremendously." - A commercial grower

Case - Home Growing

Background - A home grower wanted to grow chili peppers at home, but didn't have the right lighting. Solution - The grower purchased a 120w Quantum Panel LED Grow Light. Results - The peppers are growing vigorously and producing a lot of fruit. The peppers are of excellent quality and flavor. Electricity bills have been significantly reduced.

Case Study - Commercial Growing

Background - A small pepper plantation wanted to improve the yield and quality of their peppers while reducing production costs. Solution - The grower replaced traditional HPS lights with Quantum Panel LED Grow Lights. Results - Pepper yields increased dramatically to meet market demand. The quality of the peppers has been improved, earning positive feedback from customers. Reduced production costs and increased profits.

Outside of the chili pepper, Quantum Panel LED Grow Light can be used for planting other vertical crops, such as greens, grasshoppers, bamboo shoots, etc.

About the author

TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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