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Only the Planting Process Can Reflect the LED Grow Lights Effect


November 17, 2020

Before that, I talked more about the spectrum technology of LED grow lights and the parameters of light quantum. This is a necessary condition for LED grow lights to enter the greenhouse to fill light and plant factories. However, what are the sufficient conditions for planting under an artificial light environment?

What Determines the Planting Effect And Planting Efficiency?

It is greenhouse gardening. In the industrialization process of plant planting, we call it the planting process. In the case of insufficient sunlight in the greenhouse, supplementary light is inevitable. The spectral parameters of the plant light meet the spectral design requirements, which may not guarantee the planting effect and Efficiency.

In the artificial light environment, the planting process is the core technology. The planting process is a sufficient condition for planting in the artificial environment. Under the premise of the planting process, the spectral parameters of the plant light can reflect the planting effect and planting efficiency.

If the LEDs packaged by any two packaging companies have the same spectral parameters, the planting effect is the same under the same plant canopy PPFD and the same planting process. It has nothing to do with the brand of the LEDs packaging company. The most taboo of bio-optics is to People’s preference for LEDs brands is superimposed on spectral technology, which is a taboo.

What needs to be acknowledged is that in lighting products, the brand effect of LEDs will enhance customers’ sense of identity. That’s because the lighting is a solution to human visual problems. People are accustomed to subconsciously preferring LEDs brands that superimpose lighting products. This subconsciousness also improves purchase The pride and comfort of the self-feeling.

But, plants will not respond to the brand of LEDs, only the spectral parameters of LEDs; people’s brand preference must not be superimposed on the application of plant lights. Unfortunately, many plant light manufacturers (including beginners in plant cultivation) put too much energy on the brand of LEDs, so that they forget the magic in the substrate and nutrients, and forget the priority of the ability to control the planting environment parameters. Sexuality, forgetting that horticulture is a complex professional discipline, entering into the mode of thinking of only spectral parameter theory, ignoring what is the core technology of plant cultivation.

My suggestion is to use LEDs with excellent cost performance and focus on cultivation medium deployment and high-quality genetics. The effect of spending money on planting technology is far better than spending on plant grow light. This is my advice. Spectral parametric thinking traps itself in the accusation that it cannot solve the customer’s planting effect.
Recently, the phenomenon that a certain brand of LEDs needs to wait in line for supply is really incredible. You can consult professionals in the horticulture discipline, listen to their ideas, and become a plant grow lights company, putting the skills of agricultural professionals second. You have already lost the first step.

  • There is no best spectrum, only the most suitable.
  • Light quantity has priority over light quality.s
  • With the same planting effect, the less the spectral components, the higher the photosynthetic efficiency of the spectral design.

LED grow light spectroscopy technology is in continuous development, grow lights can practice new high-efficiency spectroscopy technology every year, that is to say, the technical cycle for improving the photosynthetic efficiency of plants with spectroscopy design is less than one year, and good spectroscopy design will ultimately serve the cultivation Cost, plant cultivation usually does not reflect the performance and quality of similar industrial products. The price is the dominant factor. The price increase in cannabis grow lights is not equivalent to the yield and quality of plants. The increase in yield and quality can be more easily obtained through the planting process and does not require excessive investment.

  1. The QE value of domestic LEDs for plants has reached or exceeded foreign lamp beads, and the cost performance is excellent.
  2. Choose lamp beads whose junction voltage is lower than 3.0V to reduce power consumption.
  3. Learn to reduce the drive current to obtain high QE, and the effect is obvious.
  4. Put the priority of planting technology before grow lights at any time to reduce blindness.
  5. The QE of LED Grow lights is greater than 2.2umol/J, and its planting effect and efficiency basically depend on the planting process. This is expert thinking.
  6. Know how to use the radiation heat transfer mechanism to control the PPFD of the plant canopy. This technology needs to be studied again, and its effect is much better than blindly increasing the QE value of LED grow lights.
  7. The comprehensive energy-saving technology is better than the improvement of the energy efficiency of the lamps, and the reduction of planting costs is the development direction of LED grow lights.

The LED grow lights spectrum technology aims to serve the planting process. Without the goal of planting technology, the LED grow lights spectrum design is not a technology.

Finally, someone will raise the issue of the light decay index. Here we need to clarify a limitation. The application of LED grow lights is restricted by the photoperiod. 30,000 hours should meet the light decay index. That is the 5-year working period of grow lights. Spectroscopy technology The improvement cycle of planting efficiency is basically less than one year, just understand this reason.

About the author

TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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