The Importance of Stadium Lighting

For a modern stadium such as tennis courts,ice & hockey rinks, football stadium and basketball stadium,not only does the building require beautiful appearance and complete sports equipment, but it also requires a good lighting environment, namely, suitable and uniform illumination and brightness, ideal light color,dimensionality and no glare. . In addition to ensuring that the viewers have good visual effects, they must also ensure that the referees, athletes, and lighting requirements required for the competition and that good television coverage be ensured. Lighting is a function of light. It ensures that light acts on the eyes of athletes, referees, and spectators, and creates vision. It can see everything on the sports ground, such as the brightness of the site environment, the color of the surface of objects, buildings, appliances, and clothing, etc. The shape, size, depth, dimensionality and state of the athletes during sports and the atmosphere of the stadium. Therefore, good lighting plays an important role in modern stadiums.

LED Tennis Court Lighting

Tennis is a small ball movement that moves at a high speed and needs to determine the direction of the ball in a very short time. Therefore, tennis requires high visual effects.

The importance of stadium lighting

LED Ice and Hockey Rink Lights

For a multi-purpose stadium, the color temperature of white light is an important consideration because different sports seem better under different white light conditions. The wood tone of the basketball court and the exposed skin of the player appear more active under warm white lighting (about 4000K). However, in the 4000K light, hockey ice cubes appear dull and dirty, but when illuminated with 5600K lights, the ice hockey sticks appear crisp and clean.

LED tennis court lighting

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