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The Ultimate Guide for LED Tri-proof Lights


May 4, 2022

LED Tri-proof Light Guide


LED tri-proof lights, also known as waterproof or vapor-proof lights, means linear lighting products with three or more proofing properties. If you are looking for some amazing lighting products with resistance against dust, water, and corrosion, then don’t miss out on LED tri-proof lights. With amazing protection capabilities, it can prove to be a really cost-effective and efficient lighting solution for you.

You may have heard about LED tri-proof lights for the first time since they aren’t so common in homes, rather they are used in large stations, workshops, factories, and industries. To give you detailed and informative knowledge about LED tri-proof lights, this blog is going to be a real piece of help. Continue reading!

Table of Contents

Applications Of LED Tri-proof Lights

LED tri-proof lights are making huge progress these days due to their high-quality & energy-saving benefits as compared to traditional lighting. Having a greater safety factor, easy installation method, and amazing light efficiency, the LED tri-proof lights have hundreds of applications.

All the applications cannot be mentioned here, therefore, only a few main applications are listed below:

    • Parking garage

    • Refrigerator

    • Railway station

    • Airport

    • Warehouse

    • Supermarket

    • Exhibition hall

    • Factories

    • Cold Storage

    • Stadium

    • Subway Station

    • Food Industry

    • Maritime

    • Commercial

    • Car washing spaces

    • Workshop & Warehouse lighting, etc.

Advantages Of LED Tri-proof Lights

1)Energy Consumption Is Very Low

When using traditional lighting, you may also face a lot of electricity bills due to the highest energy consumption. This case is quite opposite in LED tri-proof lights. They consume very low energy hence reducing electricity bills as well. According to researchers, LED tri-proof lights can save up to 80% of energy and hence a very cost-effective solution.

2)Minimal Maintenance with Higher Durability

When you buy from famous brands, you will mostly get products having good features but high maintenance. It can also cost you a lot of money on their maintenance. However, you can buy LED tri-proof lights that have very low maintenance with excellent durability.


LED tri-proof lights are highly environment friendly and the best solution of the time. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED tri-proof lights don’t emit harmful radiation into the environment. They can easily withstand harsh environments. Harmful radiation can be a way to increase global warming but LED tri-proof lights can easily overcome this issue.

4)Installation Possible In Multiple Ways

When you buy an LED tri-proof light, you don’t need to worry about its installation like traditional lighting products. It is due to their multiple ways of installation. You can choose from ceiling mounted installation method and a suspended-mounted installation method.

5)Anti Glare Lighting

Traditional incandescent bulbs produce anti-glare lighting. This can produce discomfort as well as fatigue ness among people working under the lighting. It can cause safety and health issues for your workers. However, you can see a very opposite case in LED tri-proof lights. These lights can give you anti-glare lighting with uniformity. You will be able to get warm and soft light through it.

6)Robust Design Structure

LED tri-proof lights have specially designed robust structures with tri-proof fixtures due to their material composition. They are composed of shockproof & anti-corrosion materials. Moreover, they have a perfect IP rating standard that can save it from corrosion, humidity, and dust. Hence, they have sealing treatment preventing them from damages due to any such material.

Protection Standard Of LED Tri-proof Lights

When talking about the protection standards of your LED tri-proof lights, you will come to know about a lot of protection ratings. They have a specific IP rating; IP stands for ingress protection.

The IP rating of your LED tri-proof lights depends upon the manufacturer who produces them. For example, if your LED tri-proof light is IP54, then the number 5 represents protection against solids while the number 4 represents protection against liquids.

If you have to use your LED tri-proof lights somewhere outside the factory or workshop then you should buy an LED tri-proof light with a high IP rating. A higher IP rating can help your LED tri-proof lighting to get more protection against harsh weather conditions. Your LED tri-proof lights can have more protection against dust and rain in the surrounding environment.

Note that you should buy an LED tri-proof lights based on the environment where you will install them. This will help you decide its IP rating. Even if the manufacturer doesn’t have your demanded IP rating, he might customize one according to your environment. The image given below completely defines the different levels of IP ratings :

Features Of LED Tri-proof Lights

Energy-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Dustproof, corrosion-proof, & Waterproof

Wider Applications

Can be installed in ceiling mounted form or suspending mounted form

Higher protection standards against any three materials such as water, dust, and corrosion.

Integrated structure

Specifications Of LED Tri-proof Lights

Specifications of your LED tri-proof lights are never fixed because they depend upon the manufacturer. Different manufacturers keep different specifications for the LED tri-proof lights. When you are planning to buy an LED tri-proof light, you must see its specifications. Based on the specifications, you will be able to decide whether the lighting product is suitable for you or not.

Specifications of TUBU LED tri-proof lights are listed below in the table:

Specifications Details
Power Capacity 20W, 40W, 50W, 60W
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
IP Rating IP67, IP69
Power Factor >0.90
Beam Angle 120⁰
Voltage (Input) 200-240 VAC/ 100-227 VAC
Current (Input) 0.90 to 0.28 @220VAC
Temperature (Storage) -20C ~ +60C
Temperature (Operational) -20C ~ +40C
Given Warranty Five Years
Certifications CB, ENEC, CE, FCC, DLC, IK10, RoHS, and IP69K
Color Milky PC / 316L Stainless Steel End Caps / PMMA Housing & 304
Product Size 75*552, 75*1152, 75*1452
Weight 12-23kg
Mode of Installation Surface mounted & Suspension mounted
Lifespan 50,000 hours

How To Install An LED Tri-proof Lights?

For installation purposes, you should first decide how you want to install it. Basically, there are two main ways to install your LED tri-proof lights. These ways are:

    • Suspended mounted installation

    • Ceiling mounted installation.

Once you decide which way you are going to adopt, now you need to check how to carry the chosen installation method.

First of all, you should read the user manual given with it. A manufacturer lists all the installation processes in the user manual. If you don’t understand it, you should better hire an expert for installation. It has both time-saving and money-saving properties.

Some Installation tips from expert manufacturers are given below:

Ceiling Mounted Installation Suspended Mounted Installation
You have to screw a hole in the ceiling by making the right position. You have to select the right position and the screw a hole for its suspension.
Next, you have to fix the clip into the screwed hole. Then you have to fix the mounting hook into the hole screwed in the ceiling. There you have to install the clip.
Then you have to fix the tri-proof lights The next step is to adjust the length of your suspension kit.
The next step is to make use of the driver to fix the screw Don’t forget to tighten the screw by making use of the driver. This will your LED tri-proof lights to remain fixed and stable.

Important instructions:

    • You should be an expert at installing your LED tri-proof lights or you should hire an expert. Otherwise, you may damage the product wasting your time as well as money.

    • While carrying out the installation method, you should make sure that all the voltage switches are turned off. Any source of electricity should not be near the installation process.

How To Test Your LED Tri-proof Lights?

When buying your LED tri-proof lights, there are certain cases where you may not be able to get real pieces. This is where you need to test if you have bought the original product or not.

Some high-quality manufacturers test their lighting products right after production to make sure of their quality. They test to confirm if their product is matching the targeted standards or not.

Testing is also performed to check if the specifications written on the packaging are real or not. You can confirm it through different tests that are listed below:

    • To check the protection level of your LED tri-proof lights, you can pour your lighting product into the water. Especially, you need to pour its fixtures side.

    • You need to immerse the LED tri-proof lights in shallow water for less than four minutes.

    • You can make use of a pendulum impact tester. It will help you test its impact resistance.

    • Then, you have to make the connection of LED tri-proof lights to a power outlet. Now you will see if it’s still working or not.

    • Moreover, you can measure the light intensity of your LED tri-proof lights by using a special photometer.

How Many Types Of Tri-proof Lights Are There?

1) Fluorescent Tri-proof Lights

The fluorescent Tri-proof light started the generation of LED tri-proof lights. It was invented before LED tri-proof lights. The fluorescent Tri-proof light was capable of high performance in harsh environmental conditions. Hence, they performed really well in the lighting market.

They have a high-quality sealed external casting with 0-4 lamps. Instead of all these advantages, they couldn’t last long in the lighting market due to their disadvantages.

Some of its disadvantages are high maintenance, low resistance to water, and encouragement of pollution. The higher maintenance costs a lot of money while low water-resistant damaged it before its expected lifespan.

2) LED Tube Tri-proof Lights

After the fluorescent Tri-proof Lights, the first LED lighting product to replace them was the LED tube Tri-proof Light.

The best part about LED lighting is that it is very easy and convenient to use. You can easily replace the tube by just removing the cover. However, the bad part about this product is that it had a complex wiring design system.

You should be an expert at redesigning its wiring system to make it work perfectly. Due to its limited power as well as wattage, it has a very limited degree of illumination. This is why this product also flopped in the market.

3) Traditional LED Tri-proof Lights

Due to the shortcomings of the abovementioned lighting products, traditional Triproof lighting was introduced into the market.

The best part about these lights is that they have an IP rating to resist water damage. At the time it was invented, it existed in IP ratings IP66 and IP65. Moreover, it has an aluminum housing and dies casting with a PC cover. It consists of LEDs as a light source.

Due to its higher energy as well as efficient performance, the market price is quite high. However, it has some really good benefits like efficient structure and water damage resistance.

4) Flat-shaped Slip Batten Tri-proof Lights

The flat-shaped slim batten light is also named as only slim batten light. If you are having some small projects then choosing them can be very productive. It is due to its lightweight and slim structure.

You can brighten narrow and small spaces more effectively through its flat and small design. This can be its advantage but a disadvantage at the same time due to limited lighting.

The highest luminance produced by this product is only 110 lumen per watt. This makes it quite unsuitable for areas where you need more powerful lighting.

5) Integrated Aluminium Tri-proof Lights

This lighting product has got the most popular in the market in past years. It is due to its higher resistance against heat and a longer lifespan. Moreover, the lighting of integrated Aluminium

Tri-proof Lights is more concentrated at the targeted spot. However, the bad part about this one is its highest prices.

6) LED Tri-proof Lights With External Wiring

These LED lightings have external wiring with an appearance quite similar to the aluminum tri-proof lights. The best part about these lights is that they have detachable terminals at both ends. Moreover, they allow easy installation as well as quick wiring design.

Most importantly, they are capable of installing in long series. You can select these lights if you want something great for your large working space. But still, there are more options to choose from for your workspace. Continue reading!

7) LED Tri-proof Lights With IP69K

As the name suggests, they have the highest IP rating. This one is currently available in the market and is most preferred by professional users.

The best part about these lights is that they have the amazingly highest capability to resist damage against water.

These LED tri-proof lights have the ability to withstand even high pressures as well as the rigorous and harsh environment. Moreover, this lighting is designed in a way that reduces any possibility of dust and water entrance.

These have a large number of applications such as poultry farms, food factories, car-washing, and cleaning areas. Instead of all these advantages, most users are still unaware of this amazing technology. This is because only large factories and professionals use it for their workspace.

How To Choose The Right LED Tri-Proof Lights?

Selecting the right LED tri-proof lighting can be a real challenge especially when you are a beginner. You have to conduct in-depth research and choose the right and high-quality manufacturer. You will come across a lot of manufacturers but making the right decision can become difficult for you. To make the decision process easy, you can go three ways. These two ways are

    1. You can consult any expert manufacturer you know.

    1. You can consult with your friends that previously used or still using LED tri-proof lights.

    1. You can conduct research through the internet on your own. At this point, you need to read buying guides.

Now, if you have chosen any of these ways, you have to consider a few factors. These factors are listed below:

1)Environment Consideration,

First of all, you should be very clear about the environment that you are planning to lighten. This can make you clear about factors such as size, type, lumens, IP rating, and other factors for your LED tri-proof lights. Once you decide on this part. Now you have to move next.

2)Decide Shapes and Sizes Of Light Fixtures

If you have observed all the environment and its requirements, you have to decide about fixtures. It is because the LED tri-proof lights are available in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you wouldn’t be getting a lighting fixture that could fix in every space. You can solve this problem by taking proper measurements of your space. This will let you know about the total number as well as the size of your fixtures. Once you are done with this part, now you have to move to the next; wattage selection.

3)Calculate Wattage Requirement

Based on your environment and working hours, you need to decide about the wattage of your lights. The wattage selection is important because it can affect the three most important aspects of your lighting system.

First of all, the monthly costs or electricity bills depend upon the wattage of your lighting system. At this point, you need to make calculations about wattage and then its electricity bills. This can help you arrange the budget accordingly.

Secondly, you should also consider your space’s power load while choosing a lighting system. If you have chosen a system that consumes power more than your space’s limit, it will result in an electrical load.

Thirdly, you have to decide how much lighting you want in terms of brightness. This can help you calculate the wattage of your system.

4)Color Of LED Tri-proof Lights

It is important to select the right color for your LED tri-proof lights. Selecting the wrong color can affect the productivity of your workers at the site. At this point, you should be able to figure out the right color for your LED tri-proof lights.

5)Must Calculate Lumens Requirements

You should make sure that you have chosen a product that gives enough brightness to your environment. It will ensure optimal performance. The brightness can be measured in terms of lumens.

6)Check Functions and Features

You should check the features of your LED tri-proof lights before you buy them. Or at least you should be aware of what kind of features and functions you want in your LED tri-proof lights. So common features are dimming, emergency lighting, and motion sensor lights.

7)Decide Installation Process

Lastly, you should be very clear about whether you want a ceiling-mounted installation or a suspended mounted installation.

Important tips:

    • Conduct market research

    • Choose the right manufacturer

    • Contact the selected right manufacturer

    • Consult the manufacturer

    • Test the product before using it.

Why You Should Choose TUBU LED Tri-proof Lights?

When choosing the right manufacturer in China, you should not miss out on TUBU. If you need logic to choose them for your LED tri-proof lights, then you can read their successful efforts listed below:

    • TUBU is one of the leading manufacturers of LED tri-proof lights in China. They are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.

    • Engaged in development and research since 2014

    • CB, ENEC, CE, FCC, DLC, IK10, RoHS, and IP69K Certifications

    • Strict standards for quality control

    • Product testing to ensure quality

    • Gives 5 Years of Warranty

    • Experienced engineers & professional sales team

    • Customization of LED lightings system

    • Regular exhibitions to promote its products


Now that you are aware of each and every detail of LED tri-proof lights, you can make a better decision. If you are planning to install LED tri-proof lights in your workspace, you should consult an expert manufacturer. However, if you are looking for some high-quality manufacturers then we are just one call away. Contact Us Now

About the author

TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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