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Which LED Grow Lights Are Good for Large Growers


April 5, 2024

LED plant grow lights are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, which can provide plants with the required light and promote plant growth. In recent years, LED grow lights have been more and more widely used in the field of large-scale planting.

LED Grow Light Manufacturers suitable for large-scale growers

Established Players with High-Performance Lights

Gavita (Netherlands)

Known for premium quality and trusted by commercial growers. Their LED lights offer high light output and optimized spectrums for superior yields and quality.

Fluence Bioengineering (USA)

Leverages plant science and optics expertise to develop targeted spectrum lights. Their offerings cater to various plant types and growth stages, promoting efficient cultivation.

TUBU plant light supplier

European Manufacturers with Proven Track Records

Hortilux (Netherlands)

Combines horticultural experience with LED technology for high-quality fixtures. Their lights provide uniform light distribution, ensuring even coverage for your plants.

Signify (Netherlands)

Offers Philips-branded LED grow lights with a wide range of options to suit diverse growing needs.

Top LED Chip Manufacturer

Everlight Electronics (Taiwan)

While not a direct fixture manufacturer, Everlight Electronics supplies high-quality LED chips to many leading grow light companies. Their chips boast high efficiency and long lifespan, contributing to reliable grow lights.

Reasons for large-scale growers to choose LED plant grow lights

Large-scale growers choose LED plant grow lights to increase yield, improve quality, save cost and reduce pollution. LED plant grow lights can provide more uniform light, so that plants can photosynthesize more efficiently, thus increasing yield. LED plant grow lights can adjust the spectrum to meet the light needs of different plant growth stages, thus improving the quality of fruits and vegetables. LED plant grow lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lamps, which can help plants grow more efficiently. LED plant grow lights are more energy efficient than traditional lamps, which can help growers to reduce production costs. LED plant grow lights do not produce harmful substances and do not cause environmental pollution.

Considerations for Choosing LED Plant Grow Lights

LED plant grow lights are an effective tool for large-scale growers to increase yield, improve quality, save costs and reduce pollution. When choosing LED plant grow lights, you need to make comprehensive considerations based on the type of plants being grown, the size of the planting area, and your budget.

Different plants have different light needs, so you need to choose LED plant grow lights with the right spectrum.

LED plant grow lights have different power sizes, you need to choose the right power according to the planting area.

The price of LED plant grow lights varies greatly, so you need to choose the right lamps according to your budget.

China's Leading LED Grow Light Manufacturer

As one of the leading LED plant grow light manufacturers in China, TUBU is committed to providing high quality LED plant grow light solutions to large growers, vertical farm contractors, greenhouse contractors, plant lighting contractors/distributors and other customers. We are proud to call ourselves an industry pioneer.

Specializing in Large Scale Growing Applications

We recognize that the success of large-scale growth cannot be achieved without efficient, reliable lighting systems. That's why TUBU focuses all of its efforts on developing and manufacturing LED grow lights that meet the needs of large-scale growers.

Tailored Solutions

We don't just provide individual lamps, but complete lighting solutions tailored to your specific growing needs. This may include an initial consultation, site assessment, spectrum selection, appropriate fixture configuration, and even professional installation guidance.

Strong R&D Strength

We have an experienced R&D team dedicated to developing energy-efficient, uniform light distribution and spectrally adjustable LED plant grow lights. We continue to innovate to ensure that we provide you with industry-leading growth lighting technology.

Trustworthy Quality

We use top-quality materials to manufacture our LED plant grow lights and go through strict quality control procedures to ensure excellent performance and long service life.

Comprehensive after-sales service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including warranty, maintenance and technical support, so that you can use TUBU LED plant grow lights without any worries.

TUBU not only sells products, we hope to be your reliable partner to help you realize efficient and high quality planting!

About the author

TUBU is an expert in LED light research with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We hope that through our TUBU research, LED lighting technology will become more popular and bring greater convenience and comfort to people's lives.

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