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Several common advantages and disadvantages of anti-glare led high bay

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April 30, 2018

ugr19 led high bay 4000k

Want to be seen without seeing fixture,LED high bay anti-glare is essential.

Glare can be divided into direct glare and indirect glare.

Direct glare: Refers to the darting effect produced when the human eye directly touches a high-brightness light source.

Reflected glare: refers to the irritating glare caused by the reflection of light entering the human eye directly after shining on a smooth and flat surface.

The normal attention range of the human eye is from 30° above to 60° below, and glare in this range is glare.

We all know that glare is dazzling and uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to prevent glare, LED high bay lighting methods also differ in their selection.

Honeycomb grid anti-glare

Honeycomb glazed grille screen can block all directions of light, is the most easy to use of all anti-glare accessories, but the light loss is the largest, you want the ambient illumination is high, to add more lights.

Shading leaf anti-glare

Shading leaves can block all directions of light, easy light to adjust the light, is the most flexible anti-glare parts. However, this accessory is relatively large and generally used with track lights, which is neither beautiful nor convenient.

Deep anti-glare

Deeply hides the light source deeper, reduces the range of the light source, covers part of the light source, ensures that people cannot directly see the light source within a certain visual range, reduces direct glare, and is a common anti-glare method in the market, but the light Body heights are usually higher and are less suitable for ceiling height limitations.

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