glare free led high bay ugr22

Anti glare LED high bay UGR less than 19 or 22 is important

LED high bay was originally designed to ensure the normal production of factories and mines, and is now widely used in sports lighting. With the development of high-power white light emitting diode (LED) chips, and their advantages of high luminous efficiency, long life, etc., they gradually replaced traditional light sources as the main force of lighting. The traditional high bay lighting with metal halide as a light-emitting body has also gradually been replaced by LED high bay.

The general lighting is usually arranged evenly on the stadium or factory or on the side wall, lighting the entire work surface. LED high bay is suitable for casting or flood lighting in factories and enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. It has excellent explosion-proof performance, low light attenuation, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, long life, etc. It has been popularized in the world. application.

With the wide application of LED high bay, its problems are gradually exposed, among which the high glare is particularly prominent. The traditional high bay have no anti-glare measures and have serious glare problems. They have a great impact on production and life, and may cause harm to the human eye. Ordinary anti-glare LED high bay in the traditional LED high bay in front of frosted diffusion plate or anti-glare lens, although it can reduce the glare to a certain extent, but far from the use of requirements, but also bring about greater loss of light energy.

TUBU designed an anti-glare LED high bay,60° UGR<22,40° UGR<19. By adding a funnel-shaped free-form surface reflector to the high bay fixture, the shape of the outer surface of the workpiece is optimized so that the illuminance of the inner wall of the lamp cup is even and the glare of high bay is greatly reduced.

glare free led high bay ugr22

Anti-glare LED high bay


Glare index

Glare refers to the visual condition that there is extreme brightness contrast in space or time due to unfavorable brightness distribution, causing visual discomfort and reducing the visibility of the object. In the field of vision, excessive brightness appears in a certain part of the field of view or changes in brightness occur too much before and after, resulting in a feeling of light that the human eye cannot adapt to, which may cause disgust, discomfort, or even blindness.

The importance of anti-glare

Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue. Glare impact on the human body is mainly the glare of the human eye, its main assessment indicators are: glare light source or reflection source brightness, glare light source eye angle, background brightness and glare light source deviation from the line of sight angle.

Glare has a tremendous impact on the smooth production of workshops and sports events, and even affects people’s lives. Against this background, it has become a consensus among the industry to design anti-glare mining high bay lamps with optimized anti-glare effect and low loss of light energy.


Anti-glare LED high bay design ideas

Ordinary LED high bay has high glare. The main reason is that the LED light source has high luminous intensity and strong directionality. When the human eye looks directly at the LED light source, its glare value must be great. To make people look at the high bay lighting will not have a lot of glare:
1.make the human eye can not see the light source;
2.increase the light emitting area.

100w 18000 lumen led high bay test report

100W 18000 lumen LED high bay

Yes, you read it right, that is 100W 18000 lumen for the whole light.
TUBU will release a new product today. Well, nonsense did not say directly on the map.

100w 18000 lumen led high bay

100w 18000 lumen led high bay


Why TUBU’S LED high bay can reach 180lm per watt. Because our lens, lamp structure and LEDs are professionally designed, the efficiency is very high.
TUBU’s F4 is a high performance, high quality LED high bay fixture. Point-to-point replacement of traditional high  high bay with HPI 250 or metal halide 400W, with outstanding performance and performance: low power consumption and high lumens.


100w 18000 lumen led high bay test report

100w 18000 lumen led high bay test report


Long life, less maintenance and even maintenance-free, high-quality diffuser provides more uniform light output.


High luminous efficiency: 180lm/w
High quality diffuser provides more uniform light output
L90> 36,000 hours life
A full range of products meet global safety and EMC standards
Suitable for lifting or pole mounting


Industrial and mining areas: factories, warehouses, workshops, switch wiring, etc.
High ceiling indoor space
Shopping Plaza, Airport, Stadium

occupancy sensor led high bay remote controller

The advantages of occupancy sensor LED high bay lights

Are you looking for ways to reduce energy costs?
Energy is an important expense in most industrial sites, and inefficient lighting systems are the main culprit. Lighting consumes up to 70% or more of energy in some applications. It is easy to see here that the overall operating costs have a significant impact.

There are two ways to save costs:

1. Upgrade luminaires 2. Install lighting controls.
LED High Bay and Low Bay fixtures – The current mainstream practice is to replace existing metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps with LED high bay and low bay lights, with significant energy savings. When high occupancy sensors are applied to the lighting system, an additional 50-75% reduction in energy consumption can be achieved. However, many people overlooked it. This efficient lighting and occupancy control method significantly reduces energy and maintenance costs.

Why use an occupancy sensor?

The occupancy rate in warehouses, distribution centers, production facilities, etc. is 50%, and sensors are ideal candidates. When space is not used, a large number of energy sources are consumed using standard high-bay fluorescent lamps or HID lamps. Because most facilities do not have the ability to control their lighting, these fixtures will continue to ignite and waste energy and money even if space is not occupied. Light is provided where it is needed, and occupancy of sensors can save energy and money.

For example, a “pick order” is issued at a large warehouse, and the picker identifies the aisle and drives a forklift truck into the space to pick the right order. If no sensor is used, the entire area lights up before and after the picker enters the space – even if no one else enters the area. This wastes energy and leads to higher costs. Now using the High Bay occupancy sensor, the sensor will sense movement close to the forklift. The lamp can only be turned on where there is movement or occupancy – significantly reducing energy consumption and costs. The sensor coverage is wide enough to identify the movement and turn on the light before the forklift enters the space. In addition, with a programmable timer, the light will turn off again after a period of inactivity.

This is just an example of how occupancy sensors cut costs and reduce energy.

built-in motion sensor led high bay

Occupancy sensor LED high bay light

TUBU’S built-in occupancy sensor LED high bay lights with remote control can maximize the energy saving, compared to the traditional control system to eliminate the wiring troubles, and save labor costs.


occupancy sensor led high bay remote controller

Occupancy sensor LED high bay remote controller


Press the “ON/OFF” button, the light keeps permanently on or off.* Press “Auto Mode” , “RESET” or “Apply” buttons to quit from this mode.


Auto Mode

Press “Auto Mode” button, the sensor starts to work and all settings remain the same before the light gets switched on/off.


Detection area

Press the button “detection range” to set detection range as 100% / 75% / 50% / 10%.



Press the button “hold-time” to set hold-time as 5s / 30s / 1min / 3min / 5min / 10min /15min/ 30min .


Stand-by dimming level

Press the button “stand-by dimming level” to set the stand-by dimming level as 10% / 20% / 30%/ 50%.


Stand-by period

Press the button “stand-by period” to set stand-by period as 0s / 10s / 30s / 1min / 5min/ 10min / 30min

/ +∞.


Note: “0s” means no standby period; “+∞” means unlimited standby period.



Daylight threshold

Press the button “daylight sensor” to set daylight threshold as 2Lux / 10Lux / 30Lux / 50Lux/ 80Lux/ 120Lux/ disable.

Note: Disable means light will be turned on once sensor detects movement, regardless of the ambient lux.




1、Press “Reset” button, change brightness to max level.

2、Press “RESET” button, products with DIP switch will be controlled by DIP switches; otherwise all the setting will be just initial, that is 100% detection

range,hold time 5S, no stand-by time and daylight threshold disabled.



1.To adjust brightness 10-100% in ON/OFF mode.

2.To adjust highest brightenss 60-100% in sensor mod.



Press “Start” to customize scene, users can change detection range, daylight threshold, holdtime, standby dimming level and standby peirod.



1.Press “Memory” to save all the settings.

2.No change settings are kept as before save.



1、Press “Apply” to deliver the saved values.

2 、 Press “Apply” without memorizing all the settings will deliver only one-time operation; Settings should be done within 30S, otherwise it

exists memory mode.


Daylight threshold

Press the button “daylight sensor” to set daylight threshold as 2Lux / 10Lux / 30Lux / 50Lux/ 80Lux/ 120Lux/ disable.

Note: Disable means light will be turned on once sensor detects movement, regardless of the ambient lux.


Test (2s)

The button “Test (2s)” is for testing purpose after commissioning.Pressing this button, the sensor goes to test mode(hold time is only 2s) automatically, stand-by period and daylight sensor are disabled.



1.When using ON/OFF button, the rest setting buttons don’t work.

2.Press “Auto Mode”or “Reset” buttons before setting functions Detection Range,Hold time, Daylight sensor, Standby period and Standby dimming level. 3.Press Start and Memory button to change and save settings in any mode.

4.When using the remote control, light flickers to show instruction received. 5.Every change will be automatically saved.

led high bay emergency lighting usage notice

High bay emergency lighting Usage Notice

Carefully read the contents of the wiring specification of the LED high bay emergency lighting,and strictly follow the wiring diagram. Non-professionals must not install it.

led high bay emergency lighting usage notice


High bay emergency lighting installation method:

1, according to the internal space of the customer’s lighting can be done in the form of body, the emergency power supply is installed in the lamp bracket or the internal safety wiring of the lamp, the external appearance is convenient for the customer’s installation and use;
2, can also be made into an integrated emergency power supply, with white cold-rolled steel shell or waterproof plastic shell assembly, can be installed in the wall top, ceiling, wall in all occasions (costs in addition to accounting).
3, L” (FireWire), N (zero line) for the constant charge line must always pass, outside the connection can be controlled switches;
4, L (FireWire) is a constant lighting control line, can be connected to the wall switch to control the LED light on and off; when the light only to test the emergency power supply does not require constant light switch control can be Changming FireWire L and charge FireWire L” short Can always be powered on;
5, Please carefully read the wiring drawings and installation instructions before installing the test. Other wiring must be strictly in accordance with the wiring diagram to ensure that no error after the power test.

High bay emergency lighting Usage Notice:

1, please use the battery specified by the manufacturer, before use, please confirm that the wiring is correct and there is no loose phenomenon, and the positive and negative poles of the battery are forbidden;
2. If you need to complete the test process after the product test is not completed, please unplug the battery pack first, then make the emergency power supply completely shut off and then plug in the battery pack plug.
3, strictly in accordance with the wiring diagram wiring, overload and no load during the use and testing process (this product is designed with no-load protection, but in the event of electricity safety in case, it is recommended that customers do not empty);
4, when the power fails, all lights are off;
5, When the battery is shipped from the factory, it is in an uncharged state. Please charge it for more than 24 hours before use.
6, It is recommended that the customer should charge the battery for 48 hours when using or testing for the first time to ensure that the battery is fully charged and the battery is at its best;
7, all batteries should not be placed unused for a long time, especially the exhausted battery should not be idle for a long time, when not in use for a long time, please fully charge the battery (time can not exceed three months) during storage Note that the battery positive and negative lines can not Short circuit

led replacement for 400w metal halide high bay

How to replace 400w metal halide high bay by 100W LED?

It’s so easy to replace 400W metal halide high bay by 100W LED.

First we look at the parameters of the two lamps.


100W LED round high bay: 174 lumen per watt

Luminous flux (Luminaire): 17359lm
Beam angle:90°


400W metal halide high bay:

Beam angle:90°
Luminous flux (Luminaire): 19540 lm
Luminous flux (Lamps): 32000 lm
Luminaire Wattage: 372.0 W

Next we use Dialux to do a simulation analysis.


led replacement for 400w metal halide high bay

The simulation of 100 watt LED round high bay


400w metal halide high bay lumens

The simulation of 400W metal halide high bay


We can see that the illuminance of the two lamps is very close by simulation. That is why 100 watt LED round high bay is a replacement for 400W metal halide high bay.

led high bay 1000w equivalent

Why 350 watt is HID 1000w high bay LED replacement?

Let’s take a look at the features of the metal halide high bay and 350 watt LED linear high bay.

1000W Metal halide high bay:

Color temperature: 4500K

Lumens: 1000 watts, 80,000 lumens (Philips)

Light efficiency: Because the metal halide light is usually 360 degrees light, there is a lot of light blocked in the vertical installation, so the overall lighting efficiency is very low

Lifespan: 30,000 hours, 6 hours a day, 10 years

The bulb of the IP65 metal halide lamp is extremely high in temperature, because its luminous efficiency is not affected by temperature, so in order to increase the temperature of the bulb, quartz is used instead of glass. In the future, quartz is replaced with transparent ceramics.

In fact, the biggest drawback of the metal halide lamp is that it needs a ballast besides the mercury, because its starting current greatly exceeds 15A, and it requires a high starting voltage, so the most commonly used is to use a large inductor like a fluorescent lamp. As a result, its power factor PF is very low, about 0.5. If you want to increase the PF, you must use a better, but more expensive, electronic ballast. The price of ordinary type inductance ballast is 65 RMB, and the price of energy-saving type inductance ballast is 80 yuan. The price of electronic ballasts is hundreds of RMB.


350W LED linear high bay fixture:

led high bay 1000w equivalent

High Output LED’s,up to 150lm/W, 350 watt 48000lm
Glare-free, Provides Improved Visual Comfort
High CRI >80
Meanwell brand driver ,TUV UL CE certificate,PF>0.96, THD<12
Flicker free
Environmentally friendly, no mercury, No UV, No IR
IP65, indoor, outdoor use
5 Year Warranty on complete fixture. (LED’s, Driver, & Housing)
ETL/cETL/DLC/CE/RoHs/ERP/IP65 certified
1-10V Dimming,Microwave Sensor, Dali Options
Pendent Mount or Surface Mount
Hanging mount accessories included

Comparing the features of the two lamps, although the luminous flux of the 1000W metal halide lamp is higher than 350W LED linear high bay,but the 360° light emission of the metal halide lamp causes a waste of light. The LED is a straight-illuminated light source with an angle of only 120°. Used with a lens, the light utilization rate is higher than metal halide lamp. We can get illumination similar to or higher than a 1000W metal halide lamp.So 320 watt LED high bay is HID 1000w high bay LED replacement.


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led replacement for 200-250w metal halide high bay

What is LED high bay lm80 report?

LED high bay lm80 lamps have the advantages of high efficiency and long life compared with traditional lighting. At present, various LED factories actively import products into the LED lighting market, and consumers’ acceptance after actual use is getting higher and higher.

built-in motion sensor led high bay

At present, more and more US customers require factories to provide LED high bay LM80 reports, many customers are also consulting this issue, many people do not quite understand what the LM80 report is?

The LM80 is a standard for lumen maintenance (LED life). The main test is the maintenance of the luminous flux output, which is the life test of the LED light source. Note: Luminous flux refers to the light energy emitted from the surface of the light source that can be perceived by human eyes. The unit of calculation is lumens (lm);
LM-80 test items: 1, light output. 2 color-fixed coordinates, there are 3 temperature points to be measured, 55 degrees, 85 degrees, the customer must also specify a temperature point. A total of 60 samples are required for each of the 20 samples.

L70> 36,000 hours means Luminous flux maintenance rate of light source or luminaire 70%, time more than 36000 hours
L90> 36,000 hours means Luminous flux maintenance rate of light source or luminaire 90%, time more than 36000 hours

LED component factory test mode:

In order to keep the LED element operating at a temperature of Ta(ambinility temperature)=Tj(Junction Temperature)=25°C, the LED element is heat-sinkless without a heat sink and is pulsed for life test. Therefore, it is generally seen in the specification. The temperature of the performance data is Tj=25°C.


LED lighting factory test methods:

The LED high bay lamps are finished products, and the life test is performed using a constant voltage/constant current method. However, the LED lamps include a power supply/shade/heat sink, and the LED high bay is composed of a plurality of LED elements, so the actual The operating temperature of the LED element is higher than the experimental ambient temperature Ta=25° C. (Tj>Ta).

The lifetime of an LED is inversely proportional to its use temperature. Therefore, if a LED lamp factory directly uses the lifetime value of the LED element as a specification, the difference between the specification and the actual use of the LED lamp factory will occur.

In view of this, the Energy Star (ENERGY STAR) issued by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) proposed an LED solid-state lighting luminaire verification method, and its content stated that it would obtain its LED solid-state lighting luminaires. The certification must be accompanied by five items:

1. Photometric test report produced according to IESNA LM-79 experimental method

2. Integrate ball output test report according to IESNA LM-79 experimental method

3, lumen maintenance rate:
Option One: LED Component Performance
. LED component test report produced according to IESNA LM-80 experimental method
. Provide ISTMT (LED component in situ temperature test) report of LED lamps
Option 2 : LED Lamp Performance
. 6,000 hours test report produced according to the IESNA LM-79 experimental method.

4, power supply
Provides TMPPS (original power supply temperature test) reports for LED lamps.

5, warranty

In the option 1 of the lumen maintenance rate, two data experiments are required. The purpose is to calculate the lifetime of the LED lamp using the LM-80 temperature experiment report of the LED component, so that the temperature of the component and the lamp can be solved. Life problem.

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